Tomb Raider: Underworld -'jaw-dropping' (Xboxworld Preview)

From the preview: "Standing on a boat in the middle of the Med, the voluptuous Lady Croft glistens in the sun. She leaps into the bluest ocean we've ever seen, equips her breathing apparatus, and makes for a sunken tomb.

The scale is jaw-dropping. Lara is free to swim wherever she pleases and, after a dive which seems to last forever, she sets about exploring the buildings half-buried in the seabed. Tomb Raider has never looked this good."

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chrisnick3774d ago

not because of the ps3, or nice cgi, not for hd.....but for something more important........TNA.

Veryangryxbot3774d ago

And as sexy as she looks, Uncharted has her by the throat.

mesh13774d ago

uncharted is a linear adventure game with no real physic to tomb raider is way more vast and you ca interact with the world a lot more with amazing physics from what Ive seen from the gameplay trailers not to mention the animations are far far far ahead of uncharted i think it most be using euphoria .

SuicidalTendencies3774d ago

Uncharted has nobody "by the throat". Tomb Raider is a multiplatform game and will sell fine with or without Sony fanboys like yourself.

badz1493774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

it will be as good as that picture! funny that no one is hoping or wishing any other games to be CG-like!

rhood0223774d ago

I wonder if its the same Kraken fight that was in TR: Legends? From the description, it sounds very similar. Only the path getting there is somewhat different.

Regardless, I hope the game turns out good and that it stays, as the name implies, in the "tomb" or in similar environments. No more "going to the city" or whatever other gimmick CrysDy decides the series needs.

snakeater33774d ago

uncharted is the new indiana jones. stop hating because its not on your 360 and acknowledge it is a great game. in my opinion, tr started going downhill after tr4.legend was ok. anniversary was brilliant (just coz it s a classic remake).

thewhoopimen3774d ago

I found Lara's character animation strange. She looked really good running and swimming around... but the climbing (frog hopping) animation and jumping off steep ledges and landing look completely unrealistic and cartoony. Looks like they only did partial mocaps.

Overall, my take on this game is wait and see. Its nice to be able to swim in the ocean anywhere, but where can you go? Are there multiple underwater tombs or do I content myself fighting sharks or just get some virtual excercise? Will a riptide come and sweep me out into the deep if I swim too far?

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