Five Things From Mad Mad: Fury Road We Want To See In Mad Max The Video Game

"What a lovely day! Mad Max: Fury Road is an absolutely astonishing action movie, and if you’re not going to see it this weekend, you’re doing things wrong. Here's five things we'd love to see in Avalanche Studios' upcoming adaptation."

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-Foxtrot1311d ago

I think they should ignore Fury's more fantasy like then past films.

Saw it a few days ago, good film but it's not Mad Max. It's like a spin off they've shoe horned his character into.

Germany71309d ago

Like i said it before, i will still watch it, but it's difficult to accept a Mad Max without Mel Gibson.

TripC501309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Oh Hardy can't touch Gibson's screen presence but he does a fine job capturing Max's core characteristics.

It's like Tom Hardy wants so badly to be like Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford (or even Tom Hanks) but he just doesn't have that natural "wink and a smile" attribute that those guys do (or did) so well.

Anyway Hardy was awesome and I don't mind him being Max. Hardy does Max like Daniel Craig does Bond. He ain't no Sean Connery but he still makes a kick as bond movie.

Brotard1309d ago

this is literally one of the best films I've ever seen. hands down the best action film I've ever seen. Tom hardy is a perfect max.
The movie was a two hour long orgasm on ecstasy! all i had to say was wow. it ruined the game for me most likely. there is no way the game can live up to that movie!

Eiffel1309d ago

What aspect of it was Fantasy? It felt as Mad Max as any of the previous films. A lone man walking into a sequence of events that he for personal gains initially involves himself in, later selflessly. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but after seeing this film and the previous three back to back a few weeks ago I wasn't left disappointed. It's certainly better than Thunderdome in my opinion.

Transporter471309d ago

I loved the movie. It was a Mad Max film by all means.

-Foxtrot1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Well anything is better then Thunderdome, wouldn't have to try hard

It's went from this grounded post apocalyptic wasteland to this fantasy one which has over the top machines and cars. Max hasn't aged much (which is why they got Hardy) so it's not like enough time has past to make it so people have evolved in this post apocalyptic place.


"Mad Max as any of the previous films. A lone man walking into a sequence of events that he for personal gains initially"

He didn't gain anything though, even if the killswitch wasn't in place and he could drive off leaving them behind he still would only have his freedom.

When you had Max in the past three, it was focused on him but this one is all about Furiosa and her journey. Even when Max goes off screen instead of following what he's doing it stays on Furiosa. Other films never did that, the focus was always on Max.

Then you have the a nutshell. Similar to Road Warrior without backtracking.


Sometimes it feels like Max is where the Feral Kid was in Road Warrior...the sidekick who doesn't say anything

They should of made it a spin off and focused on Furiosa using Max's cut scenes to focus on Furiosa as a character and why she decides to betray Immortan Joe at this point and take his daughters with her.

Max should of popped up in the end (Mel Gibson) setting up a new trilogy with Mel in them.

Juiceid1309d ago

So true. Max was a secondary character at best, even a third behind his blood recipient. This movie should have been called Mad Furia. I hope the game ends up being better.

-Foxtrot1309d ago

Finally someone with sense

I like the film for what it is but as Mad

Pains me more to see people over rating it saying it's better then Road Warrior ¬¬

Forn1309d ago

Beyond Thunderdome is the movie nobody wanted, and what's worse is it was part of the original trilogy. Fury Road was/is incredible.

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TripC501309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Great movie. Miller used Mad Max the same way he used him in all his past movies. The lone warrior with a conscious to help those in need. Then he just disappears at the end like the unsung hero he is.

I'd like to see the video game succesfully capture the tremendous world building elements like the movie did.

crazed_shadow271309d ago

I loved the movie and just a week ago watched road warrior and thunder dome.


The movies always follow the same formula.
1. Lone stranger
2. He gets something stolen from him (car)
3. Tries to retrieve it.
4. Has to do some kind of favor or task/or gets mixed up in the mess
5. Ends up deciding to help the people for the greater good
6. Chase to catch max who has something of the rebels (Road warrior - gasoline; Thunderdome - Little Master for his intellect; Fury Road - the 5 wives)
7. Maxs walks off into the desert alone

urwifeminder1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

For me Max got eaten by a pack of meth addicted mange riddled dingoes right before Thunderdome happened , RIP big Maxie should not bleed in open and pass out was a great ride.

Minute Man 7211309d ago

This is going to be a lovely lovely game