More photos for the PS4 and Xbox One Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Edition FPS Freek thumb grips

New photos have been listed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Edition FPS Freek thumb grips.

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wakeNbake1307d ago

I use geltabs I got from gamestop for like 10$ on my DS4. I really like the added height and grip they give you, and Ive always preffered convex sticks over concave.

RealFry1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Any grips are better then running stock, a friend of mine still hasn't gotten some grips and his DS4 thumbsticks are WORN down. It's down to the plastic. lol. Personally, I use the grip-it covers.

ChronoJoe1307d ago


I have a few different ones, I've tried kontrol freaks brand but found they added too much high, I did not find I benefited in regards to accuracy (what they claim) from the added height, in that respect.

However, I've been using some cheap ones from Game, and they give me better grip, and protect the controller. My fiance likes the large Kontrol Freak ones so I put those on her controller instead.

In either case it's good to put some on just to preserve your playstic. We already have a worn down PS4 controller in our house, and if the past is anything to go by (worn down gamecube and ps2 controller are also abundant) then it's worth protecting them to avoid that.

Heyxyz1307d ago

I'm probably gonna get something like this soon for my DS4. I love the DS4, but man, my thumbstick grips are peelin' like bananas.