New 80GB PS3: limited USB connectivity

Product Reviews writes: "On our recent post about the new PlayTV, one of our readers asked if the new announced 80gb Sony PS3 will have rear USB slots as the current 40gb model doesn't have any at the rear. They did not want the PlayTV sticking out at the front of the Playstation 3, after a little research we cannot confirm if they will be back or front, but it does not look good from what we read on Stuff.

The 80GB will come with the same feature set as the pared down model. So limited USB connectivity and no backwards compatibility with PS2 games. If that's true then we could expect nearly everything to be the same, including the USB ports. This will affect buyer's decisions when looking at the PlayTV.

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thereapersson3770d ago

Quit your whining! Just do what I do with my external HDD and move the cord around the back of the PS3, only having the plug come around the front to the port itself.

People will find any and all means necessary to b1tch about the PS3!

Jamie Foxx3770d ago

having a usb showing at the front of the ps3 will hinder peoples choice at getting a freeview where you can record programes foe free and the choice of harddrive is purrely dependant on the owner of the ps3.

what a lame article buy a usb adapter if its that much of a worry lol

princejb1343770d ago

ppl gotta quit whining about the limited usb
i have a 80 gig(4usb) and i only use one at the time

vitz33770d ago

This article is fricking stupid. NONE of the PS3 models have USB in the rear. My 60Gigger has 4 in the front. Good enough for me, but apparently I have a USB limited model.

robep33769d ago

I have a 60gb PS3 had from just after launch (uk) Sony made a big mistake not having at least 2 usb ports at back for this and the PS Eye like they said the PS3 would have.
I don't mind have controllers plug in to charge but if you buy Play Tv
having a usb cable at the front LOOKS NAFF!
I have my Ps3 under my Plasma, system has no cables visible between TV,SAT BOX,DVD Recorder,PS3 or Surround system so having Play Tv cable plugged into front of PS3 would spoil the look!

avacadosnorkel3769d ago

as long as it still has bluray and WiFi

MorganX3769d ago

It was a boneheaded decision to put only USB ports in front knowing you want to sell a USB tuner/PVR (play TV). I want PlayTV in US, but I won't get one and have a fixed box and coax cable (from) HD antenna in front of my PS3 in the home theatre. I'm not going to wrap a USB cable around the back either. If I'm going to accept a mess I might as well just stick with Xbox.

It was boneheaded and I hope theyy fix it. A contoured hardshell wrap around adapter that's flush with the PS3 casing would do nicely.

yanikins1113769d ago

Hmm top idea man. I work in a welding factory and have access to this bendy aluminium laminate stuff. Might see what i can cook up.

And id expect the usb ports to be added to the back when they revise the sku shape. USB ports on the back would probably require a major motherboard redesign would it not?

xhairs93769d ago

Why not offset your ps3 a little further back than your tv? Then you don't see bending cables everywhere and it'll look just as fine as if you were playing rockband...

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Fishy Fingers3770d ago

If you turn your nose up at the fact of having a USB plug showing your really going to be missing out. PlayTV gives UK residents excellent value for money.

While it is actually something I considered when first seeing PlayTV it isn't something that would put me off a purchase. I'll be buying it.

robep33769d ago

.... buy for £100 from ASDA (UK)a twin tuner freeview box with a 160gb hard drive without the need to use the PS3!
No rear usb was a mistake not a deal breaker but a mistake mind you not as bad as seperate power block,hd dvd drive & wi-fi that i saw somewhere LOL.

jack who3770d ago

*waits for the fun boyz*

rev203770d ago

Limited USB connectivity lol

A better title would be 4 usb ports

BananaSlug3770d ago

i want USB ports on every side, top, & bottom of the ps3 damnit!!!

sandip7873770d ago

USB hubs work on the ps3 too!

Old Snake3770d ago

This is ridiculous. Who gives a rats ass if it is in the back or front the consumer won't care.

BananaSlug3770d ago

many people stare at their ps3 while they play tv, movies, and games