PS4, Xbox One, Wii U & 3DS all need price drops in US

GGG examines recent sales numbers for the major consoles in the US and debates whether they need price reductions and if so, by how much.

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user74029311284d ago

Why not anywhere else in the world?

mrbojingles1284d ago

Because the article is just analyzing April NPD data (which is US only) and giving an opinion on what to do to improve US sales?

darthv721284d ago

People have said Sony doesnt need a price drop, the system sells itself. They can drop it if they feel this April 'win' for MS is threatening.

It wouldnt hurt if XB1 drop the price to $299 and Wii-u should go to $249 or lower.

Spotie1284d ago

I don't think Sony will think much of a one month marginal victory Microsoft had to make steep cuts to obtain.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1284d ago

Can they really drop xbone's price any further? They are practically giving it away as it is.

Sony still have the price drop card to play and when they do it will be over.

You can start expecting 3 to 1 sales.

Rookie_Monster1283d ago

$350 is giving it away? Heck, the X360 have a $199 Arcade SKU on release. Nice logic there.

SoapShoes1283d ago

^It also lacked major features that were standard such as HDMI, WiFi, etc and the 360 launched at $299 and $399. You can't compare them anyway that'd be like saying PS3 was $499 so PS4 must be losing money. -_-

Kingdomcome2471283d ago

To think that you have the gall to call others out for trolling is comedic. OT: Each respective company will make further or initial price adjustments, as is the case with Sony, whenever they feel the time is right for them I presume.

uth111284d ago

Wii U needs a price drop the most.

darthv721284d ago

$199 - $249 would be nice. But more importantly than the price drop....Nintendo needs to really up their marketing of the games. MK8, smash bros, Xenoblade all are still relevant games that don't get enough airplay.

wonderfulmonkeyman1283d ago

Nintendo has been selling refurbished Deluxe Wii U's on their website at $199 for a while now.
Unless they've sold out again, there's the viable option.

Is it just me or does it feel like everyone has been IGNORING that?

LOL_WUT1283d ago


Has it ever occurred to you that MAYBE, just MAYBE people aren't looking into buying one used? Especially if it has been returned for some sort of malfunction?

Personally I think anywhere between $150-$199 would be the perfect spot the more lower the better ;)

ninsigma1284d ago

As much as the wii u is a good console, I agree. It's just not being picked up by the general public like it should be.
I actually predicted this in 2010 before we had even heard of the wii u. It was obvious that the wiis success is from parents buying it for their kids and wii fit helped a bunch. But that audiance is not one to change to the next iteration every time a new one comes along. There was no way the second wii was ever going to see the same success as the original. It's a shame because it has some decent games but I think we all saw it coming.

GordonKnight1283d ago

The Wii did capture most of the casual gamers last gen due to motion controls. Now the casual gamer are following the media and purchasing the PS4. The PS4 is the most powerful console, but until next year it's only a multiple console, with the exception of Bloodborne. IMO

And don't give me that casual gamers are only on Smart phones.

DryBoneKoopa851284d ago

I know Nintendo does at this point with the Wii U. I think a $50 price drop would do wonders for the system. A $249.99 price tag gets it a little closer to a sweet spot for some people waiting to jump on and get one.

I have a feeling at E3 Nintendo will announce one. Just logical at this point.

iplay1up21284d ago

The Splatoon bundle was just announced for $299, so I do not see Nintendo dropping the price of Wii U for at least 6 months.

As for PS4/XB1, they have already had a price drop. Doubt very much they will have another for at least a year.

PS4 is selling very well. Why would Sony drop the price?

Sony, is not going to say, hey our system is selling well, why don't we take $50 off our current price and make less money per unit.

mrbojingles1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

When did PS4 get a price drop? Also, XB1 got like 2-3 cuts in a year so anything goes for MS.

Also, console makers have cut price despite bundles coming out before. It wouldn't be a huge deal to see a stand alone Wii U for $249, Splatoon bundle for $299. Also, isn't the Splatoon bundle Best Buy only? The Splatoon bundle could just go down to $249 too.

GordonKnight1283d ago

Sony could probably raise the price.

N4g_null1283d ago

@mrbojingles right before it came out sony was going to bundle the ps eye and move with it but chickened out. That move has had them sailing on good will ever since the reveal.

Ms is posed to offer a subscription service and make the xbox one free, they are basically giving win 10 away, they could do that with xbox one for sure.

Also you are very right about the wiiu, Sure it has some cool hgames coming but every thing could use a lower price.

Kingdomcome2471283d ago

@bojingles- The Xbox has received one official price cut, along with the option to buy the Kinectless SKU. It hasn't received two price cuts, let alone three.

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mrbojingles1284d ago

They did just start production on Wii U systems in March after not making any in FY2015, hence why last year Iwata said they weren't selling them at a loss (since the spent the money manufacturing those FY2015 units during FY2014)

A $19.99 Player's Choice budget line would help to. Maybe a smaller Game pAD and Wii Mini like redesign to cut costs?

BigDuo1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

It's unlikely Nintendo would announce a Wii U price drop at E3 when it has already announced the Splatoon console bundle for $300 which comes out at the end of May. Nintendo hasn't entered panic mode yet for Wii U, relying too much on various console bundles + digital incentives as an alternative option and flagship IP releases (Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 from last year) which have not performed well enough to drive hardware sales to where they really need to be.

If it does get a price cut, Nintendo wouldn't likely announce it until around September anyway. It would also probably be done at a time when Nintendo has one of its potentially better selling games coming out like Mario Maker which happens to be coming out in September.

I would think a redesigned GamePad wouldn't actually do much to help the console's situation. It's still positioned as the console's system-seller centerpiece, so even with a better battery life and a slimmer, slicker model wouldn't likely change the console's bigger problems like how its still just a 1st party machine without significant third party support or an official price cut. Nintendo needs to make Wii U ideal as a companion platform which would require hitting a $200250 mass market price point.

mrbojingles1284d ago

Except a new controller with a smaller, more modern screen would lower costs. They're used aged tech which doesn't lower in price as fast since they are one of the few asking for it, no "economies of scale" discount.

A 480p (still) 5.2 inch Game Pad could lower costs a lot, even if all you take off is an inch. Could be difference between adding $75 to every system or $30, depending on what screen size/tech they go with.

They could: Make Wii U have a top loading drive which is cheaper, take out 2 USB ports (leaving two), take out the SD Slot, take out the A/V out port, take out the sensor bar in the Game Pad, make Game Pad screen smaller, reduced the CPU/GPU in size, use less RAM chips, and if they really want to cut costs they drop Wii BC which forces people to buy eShop re-releases and cuts drive costs and DVD licensing fees.

WCxAlchemist1284d ago

Well according to npd numbers xbox sales are up 62% from this time last year but thats jus official numbers sure the n4g trolls know alot more than NPD

FITgamer1284d ago

Pot, kettle, black...i'm sure you know how it goes.

akaFullMetal1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

That's 62% jump is because the xbox one was 500$ last year and a year later you can get one for 350$. Big price difference.

YodaCracker1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Then why was the Xbox One down in sales in March 2015 compared to March 2014? It's been $350 for months now.

akaFullMetal1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Last year Microsoft released the highly anticipated titanfall on march 11th, which pushed a lot of units. This year there was no big release hence the lower sales in march 2015.

PhoenixUp1284d ago

Xbox One already had a price drop. I doubt they'd give it another so soon

mrbojingles1284d ago

said everyone after the $399 non-Kinect bundle came out, said everyone after the temporary $349 cut.....

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