Bringing it Home - hot or overhyped trash?

Msxbox-World asks the question whether Microsoft's encompassing "Bringing it Home" experience is a worthwhile resource or plain overhyped, as it seemingly fails to deliver what gamers are really after.

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Grown Folks Talk3773d ago

they have BSed with the demos every year. Let us play the demos you show off. Too Human & Tales of Vesperia. Whoopity doo!

RebornSpy3773d ago

I expect tons of demos from such an important industry event. GeOW2, RE5, Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, etc., etc. There were plenty of demos showed off at the show, yet next to none of them were offered to gamers at home. I enjoyed the Too Human demo, but I would have liked more.

FreeMonk3773d ago

The first year 'E3: Bringing It Home' was done by MS on the X360, it was pretty sweet. There were loads of demos, videos etc from the show.

Last year wasn't too bad, but this year was appaling. Only a handful of videos, and 2 demos!! Come on MS.

I'm sure that if MS splashed a little bit of cash around, they could of secured some of the bigger demo's.

I would of been happy with Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia and Gears of War 2.

Instead we get Too Human, which I think was only released because of the massive slaggings it's been taking, and Tales of Vesperia which I had never heard of until the demo arrived.

Hopefully MS pull there fingers out for the Tokyo Game Show. If they release big demo's out during the show, and more than likely get gamers that wouldn't of really been bothered about the game, probably buy it on there console.

Come on MS or Sony. Either will do!! Get us those demo's, let us be there at the show with you guys!

Megatron083773d ago

They videoes are nice but I agree they need more demo also it be really nice if they put the whole MS keynotes on there as soon as it was over. They could also need more interview and behind scenes. As of right now you can get all the same info and more off you pc a lot faster and sooner then you can your xbox giving you no real reason to use the the "bring it home"

nirwanda3773d ago

too human came out just before E3 stared and we didn't even get the tales of Vesperia. demo.
Poor E3 all round for bring it home stuff they should just do it for Leipzig and TGS now E3 is a nonentity

could of good trailers amongst the rubbish but other than that it was a waste of time, don't think we even got the FF13 trailer yet.

Silver3603773d ago

we have become spoiled. complaining about something that wasn't even there 3 years ago. I admit this years offerings were slim, but you people act like you have some sort of god given right to this content. When did MS ever say that you were guaranteed demos and video from E3. Is the internet only good for whining?

kewlkat0073773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Exactly....Ms just extending E3 over to XBL, 3 years didn't exist we survived.

Now we have DEMO demands from if MS owes gamers DEMOS because...

Jeeze Louise how do you Overhype this? I do not remember MS saying were gonna get 8 Freed DEMOS...

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ShadesMoolah3773d ago

Demos we could have been playing:

Fable 2
Viva Pinata TIP
Banjo Kazooie
Fable pub games
Halo Wars
Fallout 3

All MS games.

Demos we got

Too Human.

kevnb3773d ago

this year, many games were better off with out a demo.

gamersday083773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

M$ is doing it again. I'm surprised ppl still fall for it. It's all overhyped trash. Netflix (Pay And Pay), FFXIII (duh!), dashboard (straight-forward Mii rip-off), Medals (straight-forward Achievement rip-off). Innovation....? Nah.

They also overhyped their games and deliver mediocre gameplay. They think they can sell XBOX like they sell Windows. Overhype and buy-over their way through.

BTW, you know you can get the better ports on PCs right?...:)

Bucky Sligo3773d ago

Your probably still waiting for the PC ports of Forza 2, PGR, viva pinata, dead rising, saints row, ect.

Anywho, you PS3 fans are used to waiting so you'd probably don't mind waiting six months to a year for the game to arrive after the Xbox360 version on the PC. Thats if you spend the $ to keep your PC up to date, and if you can put up with the usual bugs in the PC versions.

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