Remastering A Brand - The Rebirth Of Final Fantasy

A look at how Square-Enix have revitalised the franchise in time for the release of Final Fantasy XV.

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kalkano1224d ago

"The link With XV is crucial, as Square Enix will be hoping That Their improvements to the brand's image will pay dividends When the new title Reaches release."

Looks like more damage will be done.

Xof1224d ago

The Power of Nostalgia still appears to be running strong, as far as I can see. Tons of people think the FFXV demo was the best thing ever, and there's still a neverending torrent of people who will rush to defend any of the XIII games.

Hell, there are even people who defend Type-0's motion blur.

kalkano1224d ago

@Xof: I see just as much hate/indifference toward XV as I see praise.

r3f1cul1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

i miss good ole normal turn based final fantasy so much... i buy every turn based game that i hear of when it comes out and without fail they are normally my most enjoyed games of that half of the year... south park stick of truth, costume quest 2, child of light, pier solar etc etc ... not sure why its looked at with such disdain in final fantasy now... dont try and reinvent the wheel when the car you had already put the wheel on was rolling perfectly fine up until ffx :/ maybe i just cant get used to the changes or im stuck in the past or something im not sure and its possible because im not a real fan of changing something especially when i grew up with it and loved it as is so yea :/

NoctisPendragon1224d ago

Maybe we should wait FF XVI before saying something like it , FF XV isn't even out but people are acting like FF is a ARPG franchise now .

kalkano1224d ago

I would be so shocked if XVI is not action, that I may have a heart attack. You can see the steps they've been taking in this direction for the last 10 years. You can see the entire industry moving in this direction. If XVI is turn-based, that tells me that they'll also chop down the budget, and make it a handheld/phone game.

FlameWater1224d ago

confirmed pc release date?

carlingtat1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Unless Sony and Microsoft have agreed terms to keep FFXV on consoles you can guarantee it will be on PC. Square Enix have been developing this for over 10 years and have poured a bad amount of money into development. They will want to make their money back any way they can.

Spotie1224d ago

It would mark the first time since FFVIII that a main entry would be on consoles AND PC. And, frankly, I'm not sure they'd do it. Square-Enix just... doesn't know what the hell they're doing. And we have no way of knowing what they'll do next.