TOP 5 Wanted DLC Characters For Super Smash Bros For Wii U

The Tyuno Project: "Last month during their Nintendo Direct, they release details on the newest additions coming to Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. Some additions was a trailer for Mewtwo and the reveal of Lucus (Mother 3) joining the roster. Another announcement made during the Nintendo Direct was the new Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Basically, Nintendo wants to give the fans a chance to vote for their favorite video game characters to be part SSB as DLC. With that being said, I have some TOP 5 ideas of characters that I want to see as DLC for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U."

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Sammyto1285d ago

This is the most stupid character list

ryuuzakibjorn1285d ago

Normally I don't agree with posts like this; But I have to agree with you, the list is trash.

smashman981284d ago

Normally I go against the grain but im gonna have to agree with both of you

The 10th Rider1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Normally I'd have to post a comment to tell someone why they're wrong, but in this case none of you are wrong.

lockedongamer11284d ago

I think it's an alright list. I don't know why people want Waluigi as a character though. He's pretty lame!

cuicui2101284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

From a sh*ty pick to the sh*tiest, one might say. Mother is anecdotic outside japan, ridley fits very well the boss in a metroid stage and doesn't need more than that. As for captain toad, well ok it should have been included long time ago with some "toad" character, so why not even though too much mario characters are already included. That's why waluigi is a completely senseless and boring pick... Chrono joins ninten in the picks that would find near to no audience outside of japan - but the guy who wrote this might be Japanese after all.

Now I'll not criticize without taking some risks by myself, so here's my list of five picks, favorite first :

1°) Shovel Knight : The gameplay and the character would fit wonderfully, and the game was one of my favorites on the wii U so far, + politically a reward for an independent developer that chose the wii U and Nintendo first

2°) Bayonetta : The gameplay could also be quite cool, although the character might not fit 100% with a Nintendo universe. But it would be both a reward for "mature" gamers (take it easy I love all Nintendo's cartoon universe) and a nice gesture for a third party game that became a Nintendo exclusive

3°) Inklings : With Splatoon to come, I have no wonder that this is becoming one of the wii U's most unique games. That's why those characters would definitely deserve their place in the cast

4°) Toad/Captain toad : Ok I gotta admit I thought about it. Toad is to my eyes far more deserving than Dr Mario or Harmony for a place in smash bros. But that would be the very last mario character to include to the game right now.

5°) without personal preference : Isaac from golden sun, or one figure from advance wars - two games that made the game boy advance (I bought mine only for the second one back then). The gameplay might be more complicated to imagine for advance wars however.