One More Round for the Splatoon Global Testfire Demo on May 23

Hardcore Gamer: You heard right, Inkling fans. Nintendo just announced there will be one last chance to give Splatoon a try before its official release date. Many fans checked out all the paint-splattering goodness last week and simply wanted more.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1307d ago

THAT is what I wanted to hear!
More colorful mayhem ensues!

darthv721307d ago

Seriously... those with a wii-u really need to try this game out if you havent. you dont need to play with motion controls. you can turn them off and it makes it much easier and more fun to play.

i loved it. and it is challenging when you are shooting and run out of ink, you drop back into the ink pool to refill but at the same time you have to move otherwise your opponent can paint right over you and you're out.

Summons751307d ago

Ew, why at 6pm? Should have done another one at 7am.

DryBoneKoopa851307d ago

Maybe to give people who have to work a chance to get on and play? Either way, I'm not complaining about getting another chance to play.

Also I know I like to sleep in till 9am because I had to tae care of the kids the day before lol.

Summons751307d ago

Wow, I have to work 8 hours and have have kids...I still got to play the 7am one. I also never slept in...ever since I was a kid I hated sleeping past 6:30 no matter what time I went to bed.

desolationstorm1307d ago

I wish they would have just given us a day, hell a few hours would suffice.

Ninte1307d ago

I did missed out and if I missed out a second time, I've pre ordered any way