Sword Art Online: Lost Song With English Subtitles Out Now

"While it had been listed as a “May” release for some time, it now appears that the Asian version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song is shipping.

"The Japanese version came out in February, but what makes this Asia version preferable in the eyes of most Western importers would be the inclusion of English subtitles right out of the box." -PSLS

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knifefight1287d ago

The anime has a huge fanbase. Like, I just heard of this a couple of months ago and was shocked at how many people follow it.

Nio-Nai1286d ago

To bad the series is pretty much just a gateway series. It's not very good, and falls really fast in the second half. Pretty much turned into a cash cow instead of fleshing it out.

You want something similar to the dot hack series then check out Log Horizon.

dragooner1287d ago

The gameplay is not that great but it is still worth purchasing if you are a SAO fan.

Viryu1287d ago

The anime was quite good, but only the first halves of season 1 and 2. The latter parts were unbearable to watch. Shame his game won't come to ps4 though.

Travis37081286d ago

The second season was meh.. They should have stayed with SAO instead of GGO