Confirmed: Sonic & The Black Knight Is For Real

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"Several hours ago, a Nintendo Power cover surfaced on the popular gaming forum Neogaf. It's cover clearly stated that the issue would reveal information on a new Sega IP titled "Sonic & The Black Knight", however a few sites began to doubt legitimacy.

Various Photoshop "investigators" went to work hoping to expose the cover as a fake. I decided to go a different route and check to see if SEGA registered the domain name.

It turns out that they most certainly did register on what appears to be July 2, 2008. Below is the domain information extracted directly from the Japan Whois database. "

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Twizlex3797d ago

I don't understand why so many people doubted it in the first place.

Nostradavis3797d ago

probably because most people think it is easy to Photoshop something and put it on the interwebs.

Dark General3797d ago

I didn't want my childhood favorite mascot to be demoralized even more and become the running joke of mediocre title after mediocre title.

Twizlex3797d ago

Mario has constantly evolved and still managed to stay relevant, so there's no reason Sonic can't do the same. Just because it's not an old-school Sonic game doesn't mean it will automatically suck.

Nostradavis3797d ago

Yet again I find myself agreeing with you Twiz. Scary.

Smacktard3796d ago

What're you talking about, Twiz? Has there been a good console Sonic game since SA2?

blazing013796d ago

there has been some good sonic games since sa2. it is sonic for 360 n ps3 which kill sonic. sonic rider is a good game n sonic hero was also. i cant say for sonic and the secret ring and shadow game because i didn't play those games.

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poeo3796d ago

their trash? what about it, they forgot to take it?

LJWooly3796d ago

Haha, excellent. Bubble to you poeo.

Silogon3797d ago

How in the hell can anyone be happy about Sega whoring out their beloved mascot and flagship character like this? What next, Sonic cussing, boozing and stealing cars cause he's too tired to run anymore?

This is stupid. A waste. Make sure you ruin your characters heritage built up for 20 years. Gaming will never be the same as it was in the 80's and 90's. Never. Those were the golden years of gaming and it's jsut not coming back.

Twizlex3797d ago

They've been ruining Sonic with the past few "traditional" games. Personally, they NEED to try something new if they want Sonic to continue. If they make a million games, maybe one of them will end up being good.

Nostradavis3797d ago

True, but if it takes them a million games to find one good one, they will likely be bankrupt.

Nostradavis3796d ago

I think SEGA's next game will be a partnership between them and Konami titled....

"Sonic Snake"

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Durffen3797d ago

Great idea on checking for a domain rather then just photoshop investigating it.

I hope it's real, because it's a Wii exclusive third party title, so that's showing some good third party support. And so far, it doesn't look very casual, so that makes it even better.

Twizlex3797d ago

Yes, some people are apparently smarter than others. Photoshop investigating = lame.

techie3797d ago

Sonic died a long time ago.

Nostradavis3797d ago

Many well known characters have high and low points in their life cycles. I wouldn't say Sonic is completely dead and buried, although I do not understand this move at all.

Dark General3797d ago

But i'm preparing the tombstone and eulogy speech.

Nostradavis3797d ago

I just don't get it Dark. They get everyone excited about a new Sonic game that goes back to the characters roots. Then they unleash this? It just doesn't make sense.

Someone help me understand this logic!!

Dark General3797d ago

But it's ruining my childhood memories of Sonic. Ice Prophecy below makes a excellent point as well. I think we're "over the hill" as far as the market they are going for with these Sonic games. But got damn it we're still interested in them some 15 or so years later *Laughs*.

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