Yakuza 0 PS4 Version Selling Out in Asia

"Yakuza 0 is the first game in its series to be released in mainland Asia, and judging by some looks around stores, it’s a hit.

"The Asian version of the game keeps the original audio, but includes Chinese subtitles." -PSLS

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knifefight1308d ago

Hint hint, Sega.

(People will buy these if you release them and actually give them a little bit of hype!)

uptownsoul1308d ago


_-EDMIX-_1308d ago

They will buy it, but thats not really the issue. Its can the actual sales of the western title cover the localization cost. Yakuza is a HUGE series in terms of text.

Sega I feel did the right move actually not bringing all the titles over if they can't afford the location, ie the port doesn't cover the cost.

I want them as a HUGE fan, but I undestand why Sega doesn't.

I would rather the make it on PSN only, and sub titles if they can afford it so its a win win.

I like Sega's games, but in order to em, we sorta need Sega to still be in business lol. I'm fine with them not making risking business moves just because.

I hope this comes to that states! Yakuza 5 sorta needs to do really well on PSN when it comes out later this year to show that indeed, Sega can bring the series over with minimum risk to themselves.

Great selling Japanese games are not always the best selling games when they come to the west.

Like I always say, personal Value doesn't equal market price.

paul-p19881306d ago

So Sega can resub the game with Chinese subs, but can't work out how to include English subs...

And people wonder why Sega get hated so much... At least Sony are stepping in and getting Yakuza 5 to the west :)

MrDead1308d ago

To all the people that haven't purchased a Yakuza game, it is your fault that I'm not playing this right now and have yet to play Yakuza 5. Unless you rectify this heinous act of stupidity not one of you is invited to my birthday party.

The party theme is Big Trouble in Little China, only one Lo Pan allowed and that is me.

TekKing1308d ago

I'll continue to not buy the games just like people didn't buy Shenmue. I couldn't care less about the milked Yakuza franchise.

Bathyj1308d ago

well thats just an easy way to get agrees.

And he aint your bro, guy.

Bathyj1308d ago

Dibs Jack Burton.

Thats right, Jack Burton! Me!

MrDead1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Shut up Mr Burton!

I had to say it.

Bathyj1308d ago

Whatever, its all in the reflexes.

Bathyj1308d ago

Which Lo Pan are you going as? Little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall roadblock?

Couldnt your party have two since the movie had two?

Dibs Road Block.

MrDead1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

There is only one Lo Pan, the other is just a cage..... Also I already have light coming out of every orifice, so it’s a given.

showtimefolks1308d ago


But do keep buying AC,Cod and every generic sports game so you can fit in


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ftwrthtx1308d ago

These are some fun games that really need to be brought to the US

PaleMoonDeath1308d ago

Bring it to the West dammit.

DarkSniper1308d ago

Dear Sega,

Please bring this game to the west. While you're at it, give us Shenmue III.


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