WorthPlaying XBLA Preview: Castle Crashers

WorthPlaying writes: "Castle Crashers is a beat-'em-up title that's being developed by The Behemoth, the same kooky minds who brought you Alien Hominid. In this new offering, you play as one of four skeleton knights, each with a distinct set of weapons and powers. Each knight is color-coded, and there can be only one of each color in the game. That restriction doesn't really hurt things, though, as each character is just as adept at laying the smackdown as any other."

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monkey nuts3771d ago

and I said to my self "day one purchase". The only thing thats changed since then?: "day one purchase if my 360 is still alive". Alien hominid is also awesome, those who like old school shooters should look it up. Its like metal slug on l.c.d. (yeh I kno, it should be an s.)

outlawlife3771d ago

i've been waiting for this for so long, its going to be a good one