E3 08: Sexy charts and graphs with all the game data

GamesRadar writes: "So E3's finally over for another year (for ever?) and we're left with tired eyes, full notebooks and - if you're a Nintendo fan - empty hearts. But how can we possibly sum up the mass of data in one easy-to-digest article?

Easy. We convert all the game data into sexy pie charts and give you the whole show in graphic form. Go on, try a slice."

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Montrealien3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Nice article, interesting read. I love the choice of setting of war one, enough with the fantasy war/Future war games, gawd! lol

PSN has more exclusives then XBLA. And the 360 had 10 more actual retail boxed exclusives on the floor, interesting. You all know what that means right? 47 New games coming our on both those great consoles, woohoo!

TheHater3801d ago

If you read the article, most of the Xbox exclusive are on the PC and PS2 also. While only several games such as DC online, and The Agency are on the PC. So in actuality, the PS3 had more real exclusive that will only be on the PS3, and not an other system including the PC.

Montrealien3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

"47 New games coming our on both those great consoles, woohoo!"

This was my point, what's yours? Oh it's that the PS3 is da roxxors! right? And I read the article, just didn't do the useless math you did, simply to prove that one console has more single platform exclusives then the other one, I just saw many games, I'm stupid like that.

Charmers3800d ago

ROFL you have to love the term "real exclusives", yeah the others are virtual then. It is only natural that games on a MICROSOFT console end up on a MICROSOFT operating system. So those games are MICROSOFT exclusives. I am sure if Sony was a major player in the PC industry you would be seeing exactly the same thing happening with PS3 games.

I mean talking about splitting hairs but if you want to be pedantic enough why not call them Microsoft exclusive then ie they will appear only on platforms that Microsoft support.

whoknew3801d ago

Sexy pie charts...mmmmm pie...

TheHater3801d ago

Why are the using graphics when there is Little Big Planet?

dronde3801d ago

true that. Show me BigPlangraph

incogneato3801d ago

haha so true.

anyway this article sucks

PS3Freak3800d ago

Games about taking care of babys/pets/etc
Good Games

That made me LAugh

FPS nut3800d ago

I'm sure the Microsoft vs Sony exclusives chart will start some catfights with MS at 22 and Sony 12 for core and 4 and 9 for arcade. Here at Sony land, that chart will be spun, denied, called into question and cursed at, and I'm sure a few RROD and PS3rd comments will be made. All these people will argue and miss the most important chart, cheerleader games made up 1% of all the games shown. :)