GTA 5 : Breaking Bad Video Brings Back Memories

What can 5 do from the PC version of GTA all the extensive Rockstar Editor, already proven many fans in an impressive manner. Now especially the hit series Breaking Bad Sender AMC fans get their money. Youtuber LioN Kolla the most memorable scenes from the TV series with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul has recreated using the video editor of Grand Theft Auto 5 - but beware! Who else has on its Watch List, the series, the video should be avoided due to spoilers.

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SunnyZ1256d ago

Could have not chosen a worse piece of music...
Ruined the whole thing...

njitram20001256d ago

They didn't "choose" the music. The song was used on the last episode of the show, though this version is either sped up or performed by another group.

jefri__1256d ago

thats the song from the last scene of the series...i dont see how it ruined the whole thing

DoctorFry1256d ago

The heck you talking about, "Baby Blue" is a great song and was featured in the finale of BB.