Wanted Coming to Consoles (Xbox 360/PS3) and PC

Universal Pictures announced during this week's E3 that it will publish a Wanted game, based on the recent movie, with Warner Bros. Interactive. The storyline is set directly after the conclusion of the movie, with third-person gameplay featuring mechanics from the film such as curving bullets and an "Assassin Time" mode to slow down time.

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ice_prophecy3772d ago

Developers STUMPED for multiplayer balance issues.

UnSelf3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Can i curve my rocket around Jolies curves while she texts Brad on her BlkBry Curve

Shroomy3772d ago

If the movie wasn't bad enough, the game will be shun to the deepest bowels of Hell!

TheColbertinator3772d ago

Shovelware bargain bin for sure

Rhezin3772d ago

is Angelina Holie's a$$ right on my lap.

MK_Red3772d ago

Does the special edition of the game come bundled with Jolie?

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The story is too old to be commented.