Toro the bull fighting sim out now and discounted on Xbox One

Neil writes "Admit it, you've always wanted to pit yourself in the ring against the ultimate beast. Well now you can with Toro!"

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oKidUKo983d ago

I'll be honest I've never even thought about a bull fighting game but I'm not sure this will be that great. How much fun could there really be in Toro? Anyone know?

danowat983d ago

Just how much fun can you have pushing spears into virtual Bulls?

OrangePowerz983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Usually I'm pretty open to games, but I can't agree with a game that glorifies the torture of animals and promotes an event that should be banned in our society.

cartoonx1983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

but we'r ok with torture of human in games?why?

ab5olut10n983d ago

We don't eat humans.

Cows deserve more dignity.

OrangePowerz983d ago

Tortue of humans in games isn't really done in a way to promote it and show it as a great thing to do.

Besides we all know that tortue isn't legal. I wouldn't have a big problrm with the game if bull fighting would be illegal since it's just a game, but since it is legal it promotes it.

cartoonx1981d ago

@orange not sure but in GTA V it made me feel like what trevor is doing is right in some way when it was definitely wrong, but no one will argue abt tht coz its "GTA"

weirdo983d ago

no neil, i've never wanted to torture animals. ban this crap now.

Fallen86983d ago

Agree!!! Ban this shit!!!!

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