Final Fantasy X Remastered Is Simply Beautiful

With a new PS4 remaster out now, Ian Cooper finds that one of the greatest RPGs ever made just got even better.

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thekhurg1194d ago

I wish this game had come out earlier this year... I wanted to play through it but launching the week before Witcher 3 made me hold off on the purchase.

Yi-Long1193d ago

I wish it had the Japanese voices as an option, cause that would have made me buy it.

Snookies121193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I do think Tidus' Japanese voice actor is a better fit than his English one. Never really heard the others though. I'm sure they'd be better than the English counterparts overall, considering this was the first voiced Final Fantasy title. Though I'm still kind of attached to the English version, as that's what I was used to back when it first came out.

thekhurg1193d ago

Is the Japanese forced laugh sequence better than American version?

Yi-Long1193d ago

No, the Japanese forced laughter is crap as well.

That's not the point: Japanese voices are the original voices >>> the original voices/language should always be included, at least as an option.

ameliabaz1193d ago

I will never understand what the localization team was thinking when they cast Tidus' English voice. His high-pitched whine doesn't exactly scream "17 year old star player of a sports team".

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Magicite1193d ago

Gonna buy it next year probably, 2015 is too packed with fresh games already.

Boltshocker1194d ago

Amazing game probably one of my best Final Fantasy's but have completed it too many times now no more.

Stringerbell1193d ago

Meg Ryan never looked better!

Nicolee1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I just bought it ^_^ exciting weekend.

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