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People are always shocked to find out that I'm not much of an anime fan. My massive Dragonball collection (and obsession) seems to suggest otherwise, but Dragonball and Dragonball Z are really the only two anime/manga I have any real connection to and love for. It's not that I dislike other anime, I just don't find it to be my cup of tea most of the time. So it was out of character when I announced I'd be forgoing regular television for a night to watch a few episodes of Attack on Titan in preparation for this review. With a few episodes under my belt and the new 3DS title played through, I can do more justice to the game and the review than if I went in with no knowledge, proclaiming the colossal titan to be a grown-up version of Inside-Out Boy from Nickelodeon. Background knowledge or not, I feel like Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains falls just short of how good I wanted the game to be.

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