Closer Look at PlayTV for Playstation 3

Product Reviews writes: "Yesterday we announced the release date of PlayTV in the UK to be September 10 and the rest of Europe will be getting this new Playstation 3 hardware between September and December.
Today we take a closer look at Sony PS3's new dual digital tuner, we take a brief look at what it can and cannot do."

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The Wood3773d ago

but there is now a qwik n4g tips link on this article. When did that start??

play tv is looking slick. My only issue is that the ps3 burns a lot of electricity at the moment and having it on just to watch tv isn't really 'carbon friendly' or good on the pocket

pharmd3773d ago

yeah, i've been noticing those n4g tips links for a couple weeks, pretty slick of dusty i say...

on topic: PlayTV looks like a win/win, i just wish we could use something like it here in the states!

Neo6043773d ago

I'll get it asap when it come to N america. Won't miss any good show on TV.

Ben10543773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

wont be getting this in America.
"ts not coming to North America as their digital terrestrial is different to the UK and Europe. (The Americans use ATSC Standards. Europeans and British people use Digital Video Broadcasting DVB standard)"

Neo6043773d ago

heater, oven, and washer suck up the most.

uie4rhig3773d ago

i might not buy this if it doesn't support Freesat!

Arsenal4Ever3773d ago

i have SkyHD. Is this beneficial?

Ben10543773d ago

you put this in a different room,
it wont replace your skyHD box though, the only thing thats better about this is that it upscales all of the channels to 1080i, which i think skyHD doesnt

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The story is too old to be commented.