E3 2015 Prediction: Nintendo World Championships won’t be a Yearly Event

Technology Tell writes, "Sure, it has a date attached to the name. All the branding is calling this the Nintendo World Championships 2015. But it’s important to remember that the original event did the same thing. Look at the original Nintendo World Championships cartridge. They had 1990 in the logo as well. It doesn’t mean we’ll see more the next year. Rather, think of it as a constant reminder of exactly when the contest happened."

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darthv721308d ago

It wasn't a yearly thing before. And I'm okay with that. this is still a kick ass thing they are doing. Wonder if they will give away gold wii-u systems to the winners like they did the NES carts 25 years ago.

wonderfulmonkeyman1308d ago

Oh lord, that would sell for so damned much....
Come to think of it, why hasn't Nintendo made collectors edition Wii U's?
I mean the actual system, not just the controller.
There's money to be made there...

N4g_null1308d ago

Oh my, I for got they got gold NES for that wow! Well it's time I play some classics to get ready.

Moonman1308d ago

I love Nintendo!..haha

Back on topic...can't wait for the Nintendo World Championships and Nintendo's E3 announcements! :)