TimeSplitters 4 artwork showing new art from Free Radical Design about TimeSplitters 4.

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beavis4play3798d ago

FR kept hyping haze for months. and the haze demo i played was far from amazing. they're gonna have to show TS4 deserves the hype before i buy into it.

ice_prophecy3798d ago

I picked up Haze over the weekend. I started from the beginning on hard with a cousin next to me, and 2 other random people online.

Despite the COOP fun factor. I was less than impressed with the game.

Hahaha. But then again, I don't like shooters. I just liked the COOPness

jkhan3798d ago

If they created another Haze in the form of TimeSplitters 4 then they can keep it to themselves. Haze was one of the worst games I played in recent memory.

prunchess3798d ago

But until I see TS4 running at 1080p with a top notch next gen physics and AI engine, I'll assume that they are still using the HAZE engine and if so, I'll avoid TS4.

I've been a fan of FR for many years. I bought HAZE and completed it. I could not believe how bad the textures were in some parts. I spent so long looking forward to HAZE and it was such a disappointment.

Hopefully TS4 will be better but I wont be rushing out to buy it first day like I did with HAZE.

Sangria3798d ago

I wonder what will be the scenario of TimeSplitters 4. Because if you remember, in TimeSplitters 3...

SPOILER >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>
Cortez destroy the man who created the Splitters, destroy the Splitters army, destroy the crystals and once he is back in the present (which is our future), all the earth becomes soft and peaceful. There is no more threat, and no more way to go back in the past, time machines don't exist anymore.
END OF THE SPOILER >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>

So what will be the scenario of TimeSplitters 4, if we know that TimeSplitters 3 finishes like Metal Gear Solid 4, meaning "the definitive end of the series"?

RecSpec3798d ago

Haze may have been a flop, but I'll still pick this up day one. Hopefully the writing is as good as the third one. So many funny quotes.

"No fool, it's me!"
"No...I'm you!"
"You're me?"
"Yes...from THE FUTURE!"

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The story is too old to be commented.