The Witcher 3: 10/10 Reasons to Buy the Game

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt had been exceptionally well received, and given CD Projekt’s consistence with the Witcher series, it was to be expected. And, when we, at BadCon say ‘well received’, we mean 10/10 across the board!!

So if you are still hesitant to take part in Witcher 3’s Wild Hunt (pun intended), here’s a few reasons why you absolutely have to play this game-

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Toiletsteak1307d ago

I don't need your 10/10 reasons to buy it all i need to know is the game looks awesome and i can't wait until Tuesday.

nX1307d ago

Yeah I think every gamer has enough reasons to support the devs and buy this game. It even has a preorder discount until Tuesday so I for one am set :)

cayleee1307d ago

Pre order cancelled, until i see the PC version running at ultra settings.

nX1307d ago

Are you playing games or graphics? Without a doubt it will look better than 95% of other RPG's so get over yourself.

cayleee1307d ago

Maybe after the modders fix the game and its on discount for 10usd yea. Just like what i do with all console ports.

wolf5811307d ago

I already own the game and after 7 hours i say forget all the graphics and comparisons and downgrade craps this game is a must play from any game lover out there its like you r alive in another living enormous world and the combat system is a blast for me.....

BadController1307d ago

They're calling it "The best RPG ever made"
Yea it's a must play!