Daily Reaction: Why Microsoft Has the Right to Brick Consoles

"There’s a Gears of War remaster coming to Xbox One. We know this because the information leaked from someone that was given a strict NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, when provided with this privileged information. In fact, these beta testers were allowed to use their own home consoles for the purpose of testing this unannounced title. Now I don’t have a copy of the NDAs that they signed, but having agreed to a number of them myself as a games journalist, I’ll say that they were likely very thorough, covering all the bases for the people that worked for this beta testing company." - PSLS

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TerminalGamer1307d ago

I've signed a few NDAs before and these guys screwed up and get whatever MS dishes out.

Nitrowolf21307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

If they signed an NDA (which they did), then yea it's understandable and in my opinion is in MS right to do so since it states in what they signed. But, if this were to happen in the future to just normal users then yea it would be an issue at that point.

I doubt it would come to that considering both Sony and MS have probably always had that ability, even on last gen and the backlash they would get for that would be huge. Some people say this is a pretty harsh punishment, I disagree completely if it's only just this. They could have just brought this to court and sue them for breaking the NDA, if anything, a temp ban is more reasonable, and I would take that over being sued any day.

4Sh0w1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Microsoft says they did not brick their consoles but I think that's the least penalty they deserved. WHY get involved with an NDA if your word means nothing? Not only Microsoft but the industry in general needs to set an example against violating a signed NDA, or else why bother having users sign it in the first place? I mean seriously if you sign a contract honor it, if you aren't responsible enough to meet your obligations then don't sign it.

DivoJones1307d ago

Well the bricking of their consoles is temporary. But it does say they permanently banned their accounts. These companies are serious about NDA's and protecting their content. Until this leak, a Gears remaster was only a rumor.. Albeit a very believable, seemingly inevitable rumor. It'll probably be revealed at E3 anyhow, since MS is toting their 'best lineup yet' for an E3.

badz1491306d ago

"Why Microsoft Has the Right to Brick Consoles"


breakpad1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

this to be an example to those who support a full digital future ... im not against their penalty which may they deserved it but i m against the ability of big companies to have a control over your property ..because after you payed it ..its your property not theirs , they have no right to have any form of rights on YOuR property

mikeslemonade1306d ago

lol they might as brick my console, it's not doing anything besides free games on gold.

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joab7771307d ago

Yep. They signed it, so it's clear cut. And they knew ot when they did it.

LackTrue4K1307d ago

hell, Microsoft can sue them...and i support them if they do.

Godmars2901307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

NDA or no NDA, at the very least, it should be a concern that MS has the ability to brick the console.

And yes, this would apply doubly so if it were Sony.

Moldiver1306d ago

"NDA or no NDA, at the very least, it should be a concern that MS has the ability to brick the console."

As pointed out in the article, there are consequences for breaking NDA. sure it sounds a bit harsh, but given the cirumstances I would have done the same. If I give you an unfinished game in confidence that you will not leak it. I hold you responsible. Beta testing of this nature is a priviledge. Why would you violate that by leaking what is trusted to you in confidence?

The average gamer who does not break NDAs or hack consoles , has nothing to fear from MS (or sony). Use the console as intended and all will be well. I have been privvy to a few ( Ya'll wouldnt believe what I have on my HDD at the moment..nor can I say. but I will say N4G has talked about the game before). I dont breach terms of use, neither does the average user so its a moot point.

But If I was a company that invested billions into something then more millions into product for that thing, I would have gone further and took their ass to court.

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Heyxyz1307d ago

I think forever online bans are a better solution than bricking a console. I don't know that's just me...

knifefight1307d ago

^ I came here to say this.

WCxAlchemist1307d ago

Lucky MS dont take legal action as they did sign a NDA. Bricked console is a slap on the wrist imo

If i were in charge they would face full punishment by law to set an example for future einsteins who want to break an agreement they signed. Really only way you can prevent leaks like these take full legal action

Bathyj1307d ago

Their consoles arent bricked, their accounts are just suspended, but even if they had been rendered useless forever they still would have been getting off lightly.

These games are huge business. Shows like E3 can set the trend for good momentum for years of sales. People messing with that because they couldnt help but tattle is not just douche-baggery, its illegal, and they should be dealt with.

They should be grateful theyre in a position to see stuff like this before the general public. This is not how they should repay companies for that privileged.

optimus1307d ago

there is an update to the story:

However, in a statement sent to Kotaku this evening, Microsoft denied VMC’s claims, saying that in fact the leakers’ consoles are still usable offline.

"To be clear, if a console is suspended from Xbox Live for a violation of the Terms of Use, it can still be used offline. Microsoft enforcement action does not result in a console becoming unusable. Suspensions for both consoles and accounts are determined by looking at a number of factors. To avoid enforcement action including suspension from the service, users should follow the Xbox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct."

TheCommentator1307d ago

How did this get approved? MS didn't brick anything. A MS spokesperson said that the consoles could still be used offline. Even the Kotaku article linked here earlier today updated to reflect this reporting error.

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