A case for From Software's Legend of Zelda

Leo Stevenson -- "With Nintendo’s willingness to farm out their IP to third party studios, I say the time is ripe for a From Sofware developed Legend of Zelda based on the Bloodborne formula."

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maniacmayhem1286d ago

Gawd...that would be so beautiful. If he could nail the setting and art style of Zelda and incorporate his design and gameplay it would be the best Zelda ever.

benji1011286d ago

They are not that much different. the combat in Windwaker was pretty good. It just needed to be harder and darker. . Time to do away with the cute design? But they are too iconic.

BellePelouse1286d ago

They could outsource the boss to From Software and leave the rest to Miyamoto. That I could really dig!

Kevlar0091286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

They could have an alternate take on the Era of Decline, where evil forces have destroyed most of the world due to the Triforce being split for so long, weakening the Gods who protect the planet. Link must search for the Triforce of Wisdom being guarded by an older Ganondorf. Basically a take on DS1. Link chooses between reforming the Triforce and keeping it with the Gods, or taking it himself and becoming a powerful warrior. Several bosses are Sages who have become evil and take various forms, due to Ganondorf's influence on the story.

Big_Game_Hunters1286d ago

I guess a spinoff would be cool. There a many other Developers i would rather see a Zelda spinoff from though.

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