Bungie Weekly Update – 05/14/2015


This week at Bungie we’re preparing to release a full house of wolves into the wild.

You need something new to hunt in Destiny. Your new prey will put up a good fight. We know you’re waiting, and we can’t wait for the games to begin - but this is dangerous work.

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Stapleface1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Just as I'm getting into the swing of filling my vault with engrams, psn goes down. Hopefully it's back up soon. Anyone playing if you find the chest after you kill the bounty targets, leave the area and come back. You can get loot from each chest twice if your fast. I've seen legendary engrams and loot keys drop. Of course for other people. Rngesus is not my friend.

FamilyGuy1285d ago

Thanks for the tip though finding the chest, leaving the area and making it back to the chest all in the span of 1:30 seems somewhat difficult.

I've got another tip:
If you've got a group of friends hunting these guys or doing the Queens bounties you can go in to Venus through the Vault of Glass rather than Patrol and have a team of 6.

I use to do that just for the fun of running around Venus with a 6-man team but this is more incentive to get it done.

Stapleface1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Good idea. But one of the chest locations in Skywatch allows for 3-4 lootings. There are specific locations the chests spawn just have to learn them. 3-4 times on the chest behind the fence to the left of the entance/exit coming from the Moth yards to Skywatch. Another can be grabbed 2-3 times, it sits next to the building in front of the helicopter area next to the broken down trucks. One spawns in front of the trucks, it can be gotten at least twice. One on top of the building you come out of on the Omnigul strike to Skywatch. It's in the worst spot. That's my break down of Skywatch so far. lol I am out of vault space and almost out of space in my inventory. Will end up filling my lost items spaces.

FamilyGuy1285d ago

"One on top of the building you come out of on the Omnigul strike to Skywatch. It's in the worst spot."

I got this one twice earlier, can't believe it really works and I got a Legendary from it both times (leg armor and a weapon.

You can't decrypt anything you get from these chest till the 19th though so it's horrible for my vault which was already full.

Stapleface1285d ago

Nice. I managed to get a legendary heavy weapon engram last night before I called it quits. Now I'm to the point where I can pick and choose which engrams to keep. Reminds me of the loot cave days.