eBay Now Advertising PS4's With P.T Installed, Days After Removing User Listings

In a bit of twist, eBay are now actively advertising PS4 consoles with P.T pre-installed - just days after they began removing private listings from regular sellers.

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averagejoe261310d ago

Nobody is going to buy these.

Really lame attempt at making money here.

deafdani1310d ago

Surely you're joking, right? Never underestimate humanity. Remember, people were paying $2500 or even more for a launch PS3 at eBay, when it was sold out everywhere.

Palitera1310d ago

People think it will be worth a lot through the years, but after the PS4 gets jailbroken, everybody will be able to play PT again.

paul-p19881307d ago

One of my work colleagues sold his iphone 4 for £200 with a broken screen just because it had Flappy Bird installed on it...don't underestimate peoples stupidity lol

Braid1310d ago

I don't actually know why people disagreed with you but you're right- that's a quite questionable way of trying to make some money out of it but eventually KONAMI is to be blamed here, not the opportunists. But then again that's the free market for you and anyone can sell anything and there will be buyers for every single thing so what do we know, with a little bit of luck they may make some money.

_-EDMIX-_1310d ago

LMFAO! Welcome to life bud. The game exist no where else now, only on select PS4s.

Supply, demand. Easy, easy economics. Yes....someone will very much buy those systems. Hell, if banked like 100k a year, I would VERY MUCH buy one.

Why? I'm a gamer, I have the money and I want to play a game I currently can't play anywhere else. It makes sense for those that have the funds and game.

To say something as bold as "nobody"..... I mean...all you do is show your a bit new to the world.

barb_wire1310d ago

This is old, there were listings on e-Bay, only hours after Konami delisted P.T

Glad I downloaded P.T. when I did BUT as of yet, haven't gotten around to actually play it.

rdgneoz31310d ago

The article (and even the sentence in the description) says that they're advertising them now AFTER they had removed any private listings.

So while there were listings "only hours after Konami delisted P.T", Ebay removed the listings after a little while. Now, they're back on the site and Ebay is actually showing them in their "Trending Now" section as part of a promotional email.

deafdani1310d ago

Play it. You'll crap your pants.


MysticStrummer1310d ago

Always glad to have another opportunity to say :

**** you, Konami.

ps4fanboy1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Just like I predicted , wow , limited edition game that promised so much on Morpheus never to see the day , I can't help but think it is a big troll fest tbh by konami.

It will be mine oh yes it will be mineeee , don't touch that dial now , we're just getting started...?

TeamLeaptrade1310d ago

I'm surprised some of these sellers are allowed to sell it, because don't you need an account to buy and install games? And doesn't ebay disallow people to sell consoles with accounts? Same with Sony?

Either way, it's smart I suppose, but I would never pay that much for a console just to get one game.

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