Thinking Gaming: The Generation of Remastered Games

Remastered or Recreated games? Which is better for a generation of consoles incapable of backwards compatibility?

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Inktoid1287d ago

It's about time all of these remastered titles stop ruling over this generation.

generalthadeape1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I agree.

I can see where developers had to do them when not very many had new-gen consoles but now it's getting to the point of over-saturation.

Now that a lot of people have picked up a next-gen console or two, it's time we all move on to bigger and better things.

In other words, "It's now time to shit or get off the pot".

Having been playing Borderlands 2 & the Handsome Jack Collection since the day it released, I can tell you that I am more than "fatigued" by playing these games over and over.

It really is getting to yhe point where I might skip "Gears of War (whatever) Re-do #1.75893260".

Goddamn man, enough is enough. Devs need to start bringing out new games now or just stay home.

Retroman1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Shit.......... im tired playing open world crap. i welcome any game besides open world repeats same shit over an over . enough is enough . you right about that "Generalthad"

_-EDMIX-_1286d ago

Why? Do you guys not get simple economics? Does the author have zero clue about gaming? "Generation" of? LMFAO! Soooooooooo they are new to gaming?

Doom Ultimate, Tomb Raider Gold Edition, Balder's Gate The Collection, Enhanced edition, Half Life game of the years, Half Life "collection", Platinum collection, Orange box, Quake Ultimate, Quake Gold and the list goes on and on......Myst.


Not even including PS1 games.

Those games released this gen are ports put in HD...they are not remakes, they are not put into new engines etc.

Halo MCC is the closest thing to that...

Again...why should they stop?

They are not huge deals to port over, most titles literally take WEEKS to port then some months to tweak, some ports are done by a teams of as little as 40 people.

Soooooo no game is being delayed for a port, games are contracted out and more then 1 developer works at a publisher.

Gamers get games, publishes get money, teams get more work, other teams get funding to make sequels to said games.

Its literally a win, win, win, win. lol Again for gamers, for the publisher for the porting team and for the original team as it gives more funding to their own current projects.

ie KH collection's sales is funding KH3....

"but now it's getting to the point of over-saturation" it isn't. You don't need to play any ports bud. No one is forcing anyone to play this.

" Due to the lack of backwards compatibility in current gen hardware many franchises are jumping on the opportunity to remake their previously successful games. Why? Because there is a real market for it."

LMFAO! I mean.....yet the PS1 collections of PS3 EXIST! You can play PS1 games ON PS3! They exist becuase JUST cause you own a PS1 or BC PS3....doesn't mean you own the game.

The Wii got ports, yet it plays GC games! I'm sorry but last gen and gens before that very much show that ports are common place in gaming. To not know that is only to show your age. see how many of those games were out on PS2 at the time or prior to. Using the term "remaster" doesn't change what the game is.....its a port of a game put into a different system with a few changes graphically...that is what those launch games where. That is what those PC titles where back that and that is what we got last gen with many titles. This isn't new and those who are shocked at this again...only show their age. I'm not shocked and this isn't any damn stretch of the imagination.

Time to go play Ico in HD on my PS3 along with Persona 4!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1286d ago

"Generation". There's been more new IPs than any past generation, And if the remasters don't sell then they won't be made, simple economics.

Inktoid1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I enjoy people calling others out saying they don't get "simple economics" when in reality neither of us were actually attempting to add any additional intellectual weight it our statements beyond the fact that the amount of remastered and definitive releases this generation is silly. Xbox One has used it as essentially their only selling tool with MCC. However someone has to come along and say, "you don't know" thus showing that while I may not know at least I'm not so insecure in my own life that I need to go about attacking everyone online with a difference of opinion to myself. Cheers Jackasses, try not to take your online lives so seriously, or you'll never get outta mamma's basement.

The other argument I would make to captain "show your age" is that yes ports existed before this generation I don't live under a fucking rock. But....but, they were never THE focal point of a console generation. This gen they are, they are essentially THE only focal point, outweighing any and all new IPs in order to garner sales for past titles.