April 2015 NPD: Xbox One outsells PS4; Mortal Kombat X tops software chart

After getting confirmation from Microsoft that Xbox One was the top-selling console in April, NPD released its full report.

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Dark111230d ago ShowReplies(7)
Bleucrunch1230d ago

Why do these kinds of NPD numbers even matter?

Elit3Nick1230d ago

Because fanboys like to think that their purchase is more justified if sells more than the other.

FarEastOrient1230d ago

Some fanboys think NPD = world.

Gamer19821230d ago

Erm you mean MS not Sony..Sony have outsold MS worldwide since launch no need to pretend the NPD is the world unlike MS has been doing.

breakpad1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

the odd thing from the US sales is that COD AW is still on top 10...are they serious ? this garbage series will never stop as long as we are blind consumers

Muerte24941230d ago

there was a deal at Gamestop and Best Buy where if you traded in any 250 gig Xbox 360 slim that you received $100 credit if you applied it was the purchase of an Xbox 1 essentially making a console only $250. the difference was only 13K though.

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mikeslemonade1230d ago

It's those bundles. First time we saw X1 drop to $300 in some promotion. PS4 still winning 2:1 overall though.

Insomnia_841230d ago

In April, you could get an Xbox One for as low as $175 with a XB360 trade-in. Gamestop and Best Buy pushed the Xbox One hard with those deals in April:

"As always, it's a good idea to call your local Best Buy before heading out. Best Buy's Xbox One trade-in deal is valid now through May 2, and is good in-store only.

GameStop offered a similar deal earlier in the month, where shoppers could receive a $125 credit toward the purchase of a new Xbox One, meaning they could get the system for just $225. But this deal ended just last weekend."

Muerte24941230d ago

you're exactly right. according to the actual number is the difference between Xbox one and ps4 sales is only 13,000. and that difference is made up in Japan one week alone.

Kribwalker1230d ago

I don't know why they matter, but a large group believed Xbox would maybe win one month this year.....this can't be that month they were talking about could it?

Eddie201011230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

You all do know that the reason Xbox One won for the month of April was because everyone wanting a PS4 pre ordered the exclusive Batman PS4. June is going to see a huge sales jump for PS4.

They Might have announced the exclusive Batman console to soon. On the other hand it probably wasn't announced soon enough for people who are into Batman, the game, and PS4.

Gamer19821230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

They don't worldwide numbers do however we cannot get true worldwide numbers so we can either rely on estimated numbers from vgchartz or actual numbers from just the US. There is no alternative..

the numbers also show what games sell most on what console and the only games that have sold most on Xbox One are Battlefield, NBA and COD. Apart from NBA which is a surprise the other 2 tell us a lot we need to know about the console and its audience still MS cannot shake the shooter audience.

Azzanation1230d ago

Not sure why gamers really care. Sales talk have matter since the PS4 has been outselling WiiU and XB1. Funny last gen no one cared, even funnier no one cared about resolution either. I am going to say that it feels as if the best time to be a gamer was last generation when Games mattered and not pixels or Sales.

wonderfulmonkeyman1230d ago

A well said bubble for you. I agree completely.

Eddie201011230d ago

That's a load of crap, Xbox fanboys constantly bragged that Xbox games looked better and the Xbox 360 was selling better last gen. Biggest bunch hypocrites and liers on earth.

Sells don't matter when your in second place by a huge margin.

thisismyaccount1229d ago

Any one can explain what caused this +60% spike in sales? Did they lower the price or offer free games, because except for BloodBorne there was not one AAA game out there worth purchasing a console for and that wont change until Q4 2015.

showtimefolks1229d ago

NPD= world wide sales for xboxbox fanboys

yet most other gamers know that world wide sales is what matters more. that is the sole reason ps3 caught xbox360. so if MS wants to actualkly catch sony/ps4 than they have to sell a lot more world wide

187k sold for xbox one
174k sold for ps4

that's a difference of 13k, does anyone actually think these numbers will matter when world wide ps4 will outsell xbox one by a huge margin again? ps4 has outsold xbox one every month since launch in world wide sales

batman exclusive marketting
mgs exclusive marketting
no man sky exclusive on consoles
and if rumor is true of COD having exclusive marketing with ps4 now, if this happens than forget about

Azzanation1229d ago

Why do you care so much? Who cares if a console sells well in a unknown country? Does it matter? I love the ZO6 Corvette and Shelby Ford Mustang but because it sells horrible in Japan and Germany does it mean there bad cars?

Grow up , play the games you like not what others like.

showtimefolks1229d ago

Oh grow up. I care because I want Sony to do better because I grew up with Playstation. You act like only I am the only person in the world who cares about sales

Yes gamers care

Sales do matter because the console that sells better will get better supper so sales matter

Bleucrunch1226d ago

Hold up, I asked a question and I get disagrees? What kind of sillyness is this? A question is not an opinion man!

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Transistor1230d ago

What a weird month.

3 of the top 4 titles sold most of PS4, yet Xbox One sells more hardware.

bleedsoe9mm1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

ones an exclusive , but yes i get your point . i guess money has to go somewhere either games or hardware but not both .

@Transistor lol you got me there , it does seem to be the opposite when sony wins the month , then games sell better on xb1 . weird .

Transistor1230d ago

Yep, the show is a PlayStation game only. But, it still sold more on PS4.

WeAreLegion1230d ago

I think trade-in deals helped.

Dario_DC1230d ago

Sweet deal there! MS loses so much for not doing the same in Europe.

OT: Good to know the software keeps selling, that's the best news of all.

Letthewookiewin1230d ago

Ya, GameStop was having a pretty sweet trade in program, trade in a PS3 or 360 for 175$ towards an X1, I went ahead and jumped on it myself. I'm guessing a lot of people did the same.

GMR_PR1230d ago

XBO will have major games releasing soon, maybe that's what cause the little push in sales, that and those sale specials.

Maybe some PS4 owners that are also buying XBO to go with their console.

bleedsoe9mm1230d ago

was that available in april seems like it only started a few weeks ago

TheCommentator1230d ago

Hard to call one month a trend or anything, but I can see more and more people buying XB1 when the games are there that people want, and they are coming. I think many people who bought PS4 first will also buy XB1 when the time is right. Too many people are multi-console gamers to ignore this possibility.

Automatic791230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Transistor your message comes off as if you are little disappointed. Xbox one did great due to having a string of solid releases Ori and the blind forest, Dungeons and dragon Never winter which mind you have 1.6 million users playing on Xbox one, Forza presents fast and the furious, State of Decay and last but not least gamers are enjoying EA access and a ton of positive news on Indies games including Shovel night with Battletoads. Xbox is showing that it is a fantastic gaming system with excellent optional features.

Rookie_Monster1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Transistor, stop with the damage control. Overall, you do know there is still a bit more PS4 hardware in America than the Xbox one right? So why is it so hard for you to understand why it sold more third party ports than the XB1 even when XB1 sold more hardware in April? Logic man.

christocolus1230d ago ShowReplies(1)
Transistor1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

You guys are honestly a little creepy.

Usually there is some correlation between the top multiplatform titles and the top selling hardware.

It's just weird.

It's no deeper than that.

And posting the numbers the consoles did in the NPD thread is wrong? You guys say some weird things.

MasterCornholio1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

On GAF they said there was a PS4 shortage but I dont know if it was true. Then there's the theory about people waiting for the Batman bundle as well. I guess we will have to wait to find out if that's true.

Anyways they said the difference in sales was minor between the two. Nevertheless Microsoft deserves some credit.

Edit: They claim the difference is 10k between the two BTW. Take that with a grain of salt.

OldDude1229d ago

So now there is a shortage? Man will you butthurt Sony fanboys say anything to defend a piece of plastic? Pathetic.

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DarkSniper1230d ago

With a $350 price tag, Microsoft's Xbox One is an affordable addition to the household. It serves perfectly as a companion console any of the other two consoles and is a great primary console as well.

Dark Sniper personally believes that Killer Instinct is a phenomenal fighting game that deserves praise for being the classic that it was 20 years ago.

Regardless of your preference, the Xbox One Home Entertainment Computer is a steal for the price they're asking. Dark Sniper would like to thank Microsoft for making it easy gamers to jump into the next generation. Hopefully the competitors will follow suit with their price tag.


zpoc1230d ago

jesus, dude... get a life

bleedsoe9mm1230d ago

bubs for going 3rd person on us

darthv721230d ago

People who know DarkSniper, know that DarkSniper likes to speak in 3rd person. It's how DarkSniper rolls.

Moldiver1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Wassup DarkSniper! I wish you would post more. I like that whole third person thing you do. brings a little humour to these threads that often get a bit hostile on all sides. Please post more! Im being dead serious!

Im voting to bubble you up. I think you see said hostilities and like to lighten the mood. If more people did that on here, N4G might actually be a fun place to visit.

@zpoc...chill aint that serious. Moldiver also approves of darksnipers, humorous, non fanboy approach to N4G. third person shenanigans and all. Beats the same old lame old fanboy mud slinging.

Abnor_Mal1230d ago

Wow the last time i saw a DarkSniper comment had to be around 2009-10. Funny enough was thinking about a lot of the older commenters that are not around on N4G anymore.

WilDRangeRfc1230d ago

I like your post but pls stop talking about yourself in the third person its weird
WilDRangeRfc would never do that,WilDRangeRfc thinks that its strange to do so,wait a sec oops!!!

Moldiver1230d ago

Moldiver thinks WildRangeRfc, enjoyed that more than he wants to admit. ;)

RedDevils1229d ago

DarkSniper wasn't you a Sony fanboy when Ps3 released?

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christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Wow,i'm surprised by this. Sate of Decay was the only title released recently and somehow MS still sold more hardware? Congrats, Cant wait to see what they've got planned for Xbox fans at E3..They also better start preparing some amazing Halo 5, Tomb Raider and Forza 6 bundles for the holidays in addition to that they could throw in Ori for free..

SpaceRanger1230d ago

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a lot of the Halo 5 advertising. I see it the CGI hunt the truth trailer pretty frequently. And the fact that they show the MCC bundle at the end of the commercial with "$350" entices a lot of people to go out and buy it.

E3 isn't that unpredictable though, especially in light of the leak of Gears. Halo gameplay, Gears gameplay, Forza gameplay as the top attractions for the event are easily known to be there. I'm sure it'll be very similar to last year in that regards. But different in terms of an official price drop and games that haven't gotten much gameplay yet I'm sure will be nice surprises.

meche3341230d ago

They're introducing some new ip's too

Bennibop1230d ago

I am sure it is down to the offers about. Microsoft have slashed the price since launch and retailer have been do some crazy offers.

DanzoSAMA1230d ago

and maybe Gears remaster