Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 in April, according to the NPD

Microsoft’s home console finally outdid the PlayStation 4 last month.

The publisher has confirmed its Xbox One was the top-selling console in the United States. This comes from industry-tracking firm The NPD Group.

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lelo2play1230d ago

"Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 in April, according to the NPD"

Hum... did not expect this.
Surprising, but good news. Competition is good for gamers.

Transistor1230d ago

My legit reaction to this.

Congrats. This came out of no where.

xHeavYx1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Xbox fans can finally say that the gap got closer (at least in the US)
Not that surprising when you consider that the One is now $50 cheaper than the PS4. You can even get the One and the MCC for $350.

nicksetzer11230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@heavy I don't get your point. Without kinect the price was $399.99. It only dropped $50 and considering it is weaker hardware that seems like a fair price difference.

As for the packed in games, you can also buy a PS4 with TLOU remaster. $50 doesn't explain Xbox one winning in the month that started 6 days after Bloodbourne released.

I don't think extraordinary sale prices had anything to do with it, as the prices simply aren't that extraordinary compared to march, and really even compared to PS4. Might just be the fact that all the windows 10 news has made more people aware of XB1 in US specifically it seems to make sense. (although most of that happened in Feb and March) Or maybe US buyers are beginning to lean toward XB1 consoles, hard to say.

NatureOfLogic_1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@xHeavYx, To be honest, PS4 has been doing great winning NPD up til this point with MS's super aggressive deals, game bundles and cheaper price in their strongest territory. Congrats to Sony for not allowing MS to establish a steady foot in a region they(MS) once dominated.

SourtreeDing1230d ago

Xbox outselling PS4 by one console wow close month

Transistor1230d ago

The Xbox One sold 187K, can't imagined the PS4 is too far behind that, we'll find out soon.

Why o why1230d ago

well done xbox. I'm as surprised as most people are here. Dat resilience tho.

jb2271230d ago

" the U.S."

There, fixed that for you. I thought Xbox already outsold the ps4 the past holiday in the US, so this wasn't the first time. Sony still took software sales & presumably worldwide overall sales of the PS4, as well as family sales besting MS in the world & in the US as well, so small victories I suppose. Hopefully Sony unveils some great upcoming titles, it's nice to see MS actually working to put out quality stuff & give them a run for their money in the realm that matters most: actual games & creativity.

darthv721230d ago

Competition is good for gamers. And what else is good for gamers is seeing the competition give respect to each other for doing something good.

MS has been there to give props to Sony all these months. Sony can at least give props to MS for having a good month of April.

DoctorXpro1230d ago Show
bleedsoe9mm1230d ago

i think there is a pretty good chance xb1 wins may as well , with the witcher being marketed as a xb1 game . then we'll see what ms has up there sleeve to steal june away from sony at e3 .

Transistor1230d ago

Xbox One - 187K
PS4 - 174K

nicksetzer11230d ago Show
Transistor1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


It's because you're paranoid, this is my first NPD here I believe.

And no, this is not the usual difference. Last month the PS4 won by almost a 100K and the month before that was around 40K iirc.

They have only been this close once or twice, this might even be the smallest margin yet.

subtenko1230d ago

Does anyone have the global numbers of Xbox One sales and PS4 sales that month out of curiosity?

dantesparda1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


No they are not, they are hardly ever that close.

Nov. 2013 [PS4]1,138M, [XB1] 909K
Dec. 2013 [PS4] ~862K, [XB1] 908K
Jan. 2014 [PS4] 271K, [XB1] 141K
Feb. 2014 [PS4] 268K, [XB1] 258K
March 2014 [PS4] 371K, [XB1] 311K
April 2014 [PS4] 199K, [XB1] 115K
May 2014 [PS4] 197K, [XB1] 77K
June 2014 [PS4] 269K, [XB1] 197K
July 2014 [PS4] 187K, [XB1] 131K
Aug 2014 [PS4] 190K, [XB1] 159K
Sept 2014 [PS4] 538K, [XB1] 284K
Oct 2014 [PS4] 297K, [XB1] 168K
Nov 2014 [PS4] 826K, [XB1] 1,23M
Dec 2014 [PS4]1,065M, [XB1] 1,29M
Jan 2015 [PS4] ~192K, [XB1] ~152K
Feb 2015 [PS4] 342K, [XB1] 276K
March 2015 [PS4] 336K, [XB1] 233K
April 2015 [PS4] 174K, [XB1] 187K

Gamer19821230d ago

They finally outsold it in on region by a tiny amount after about 4 price drops? I wouldn't say that was a major win.. Ms however will once again pretend though like NPD covers the planet and they won in worldwide sales with this news.

donthate1230d ago


"Xbox fans can finally say that the gap got closer (at least in the US)
Not that surprising when you consider that the One is now $50 cheaper than the PS4. You can even get the One and the MCC for $350."

I have seen PS4 with Last of Us for $350 many times. This seems to be the normal price.

I think MS is on a good momentum swing around. Best lineup in Xbox history for E3 and then a turn around. Personally, I kind of prefer the Xbox as the underdog. The innovation and what MS brings to the table when they are hungry has hugely benefitted me.

So far the PS4 has disappointed month-after-month with only two games I have been playing Bloodborne (amazing!) and several year old remaster called Last of Us (another amazing game)!

I would rather not have three complacent companies.

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GribbleGrunger1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

When you see an anomaly like this you have to ask yourself why it happened. I'd say it has something to do with Bloodborne and Batman. Sony would have allotted a certain amount of consoles for Bloodborne, but (like Sony themselves have stated) Bloodborne did far better than they expected. Couple that with people preordering the Batman bundle (people who intend to buy a PS4 in the future) and you can easily see how it could create a vacuum for a while. I reckon things will be back to normal for May.

There will inevitably be a price drop at some point but it won't in any way be related to a single month. Sony don't react like that, they have a long term plan and stick to it. So, regardless of what articles write or what forum users assume, if a price drop does indeed hit in the next few months, it won't have anything to do with this situation. When you are 'lapping' your closest rival, you don't suddenly change tactics just because you find that on one lap you don't widen the gap.

darthv721230d ago

I can see it now. At this years E3 MS not only shows off new games (not just sequels or remasters) but finishes the show by saying the new price for the system is going to be $299.99.

Or they announce the new price first and then show off all the new games to keep people interested.

XanderZane1228d ago

Yeah, it is some good news. I'm only surprised because April is usually a very slow month and after Bloodborne was released, I thought PS4 sales would stay strong up until E3 in the U.S. Microsoft still has a lot of work to do in Europe. It needs to sell better in those countries. Good job Microsoft.

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tuglu_pati1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


What could have push XBO sales in April? Is PS4 slowing down in US?
hmmmm, price drop incoming... They have that card under there sleeve.

nicksetzer11230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

That's what I don't get. MS had ori and screamride in march, and state of decay in april.

Sony had the order in late february MLB the show and bloodbourne in late march. (31st and 24th respectively)

Hard to believe bloodbourne and MLB's careyover didn't give Sony the victory. Regardless I could care less about sales as long as they both continue to make great games. (As they are)

u got owned1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


Yeah its hard to believe XBO came on top with out any major release and PS4 having release Bloodbourne on late March, evidently it didn't move to many console it seems. E3 its gonna be interesting, like Tuglu said Sony can always drop the price and have the advantage again.

MCC rank system perhaps help push some consoles?

RadioActiveTwinky1230d ago

One factor could be that batman bundle that was announced in March. the numbers were high but not over 200k which was ps4's norm. The One came out with 187k
Either way I hope the ps4 drops in price. I could go for a second one.

aceitman1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

well batman ps4 bundles that sold out 3 times doesn't count in april , they will count in june and it will sell bigtime . so calling it ps4 wins june by 2-3 times as x1 . and ps4 was not in stock the2 weeks in april .

Bathyj1230d ago

I couldn't be more surprised if I woke up and my head was sewn to the carpet.

darthv721230d ago

@bathy... nice Clark W. Griswold reference there.

its_JEFF1230d ago

@Bathyj LOL I would pretty surprised if that happened to me.

OT: I'm not surprised that BB didn't shift that many consoles. I like the Souls serious and really enjoyed my time with BB, but those games are system sellers, they may be for hardcore guys but it's not a game for the masses.

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Kingscorpion711230d ago

When the Witcher 3 and Batman comes out I'm sure the Ps4 will continue dominate in sales

GMR_PR1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


How you propose that Batman and the Witcher 3 will push the PS4 to continue to dominate in sales when Bloodborne a exclusive couldn't do it. Just trying to understand your logic...

uth111230d ago

PS4 should definitely have still been riding the Bloodborne wave in early April. Doesn't make sense. Wonder how close it was?

News4Noobs-1230d ago

April fools?
I kid I kid... ;)

OT: But good job from MS

pivotplease1230d ago


Batman bundle for starters. Also if a multiplatform game was to hypothetically sell systems, based on current trends, it would be selling more PS4s over X1s. I think PS4 will have a massive June. Not sure about May though. E3 also plays a role as well I guess.

fr0sty1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@GMR, Bloodborne, while a spiritual successor to the souls series, is technically a new IP. The majority of "average joe" gamers do not know of its association to the souls games, and the souls games were never heavy sellers. The other 2 games are sequels to well established franchises, especially Batman, which has been a big seller since the first arkham game.

Spid3r61230d ago

One that Sony really does not want to play because they cant afford it. Microsoft has to much capital and are willing to go down to free if needs be. Windows 10 with DX12 push will be interesting and lets see what happens when they show of what the cloud can really do with Halo 5... What about Hololens. Microsoft has too many cards to play and will keep pushing. Like Jayz said...I WILL NOT LOSE, its was ringing on Phils Spencers ear.

LonDonE1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I think microsoft will defo move allot of x1 this holiday for sure, with a new halo, a gears remaster, a forza, tomb raider and god knows what else.

Its clear to see that xbox will sell well this fall, but why it sold well in april is beyond me.
Its a great console and i wish more core xbox fans would make the jump instead of listening to fanboy B.S.

I dont think PS4 is slowing per se, but at this moment allot of fans of halo, forza and gears will be loooking to make the jump to current gen.
Gears remaster will defo have a beta for the new gears game like halo mcc.
Maybe they found deals/bundles to good to resist.

Either way i am happy for M.S, a lop sided battle is not good for us core gamers, the more they fight (sony/Nintendo) the harder they work for our £££$$$.

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LackTrue4K1230d ago ShowReplies(2)
Transistor1230d ago

Wow, this is a surprise.

The Xbox Won, I wonder by how much?


Rookie_Monster1230d ago

Why are you surprise? Xbox One has won before in November and december. They have a great Halo MCC bundle and a system that is $50 cheaper that plays the same game as the competition. This is only the beginning as momentum is definitely swinging MS ways in America. People know Halo 5, Forza 6, Tomb Raider is coming and might as well get a system that plays all third games as well as guaranteed AAA exclusives that they can't play anywhere else this Fall.

Magicite1230d ago

Time for price cut, Sony!

Corpser1230d ago

Bloodborne not even in top 10, no exclusives in the top 10 in fact

Bigpappy1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Most likely the 360 trade up deal along with Neverwinter, people underestimate the appeal of that MMO and exclusive features like EA access which saves people money on old and new games with early access before you buy.

Xer0_SiN1230d ago

sonys mentality is marathoning. if the xbone cant keep up, then i dunno what to say. huffing and puffing outta the gate. cmon!

blackblades1230d ago

Yeah congrats, they said big win that's a no. It's a win but not a big win if it were it would be worldwide.

Automatic791230d ago

Congratulations to MS and the Xbox team. Games like Ori and the blind forest and State of Decay show gamers are paying attention to the fantastic lineup Xbox One has and it will only get better. Can't wait for E3. Bring on the games Phil.

Eddie201011230d ago

You all do know that a great many people pre ordered the exclusive Batman PS4 that comes out in June.

showtimefolks1230d ago

Xbox one 187k
ps4 174k

Congrats to ms, this was kind unexpected.

Competition is a health thing. But to Xbox fans (notice i didn't call anyone fanboys) don't over rwact. 13k is nothing.

Look at month difference before and loo at it this month. For Xbox to catch Sony it has go outsell by a lot and Sony will still win April world wide

Nov. 2013 [PS4]1,138M, [XB1] 909K
Dec. 2013 [PS4] ~862K, [XB1] 908K
Jan. 2014 [PS4] 271K, [XB1] 141K
Feb. 2014 [PS4] 268K, [XB1] 258K
March 2014 [PS4] 371K, [XB1] 311K
April 2014 [PS4] 199K, [XB1] 115K
May 2014 [PS4] 197K, [XB1] 77K
June 2014 [PS4] 269K, [XB1] 197K
July 2014 [PS4] 187K, [XB1] 131K
Aug 2014 [PS4] 190K, [XB1] 159K
Sept 2014 [PS4] 538K, [XB1] 284K
Oct 2014 [PS4] 297K, [XB1] 168K
Nov 2014 [PS4] 826K, [XB1] 1,23M
Dec 2014 [PS4]1,065M, [XB1] 1,29M
Jan 2015 [PS4] ~192K, [XB1] ~152K
Feb 2015 [PS4] 342K, [XB1] 276K
March 2015 [PS4] 336K, [XB1] 233K
April 2015 [PS4] 174K, [XB1] 187K

ITPython1230d ago

So, this is the month #2 victory right? First time was December 2013 (IIRC), and then April 2015.

2 months out of 17 won... guess it's better than zero, right?

TheRedButterfly1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

This is the fourth month that XO has sold more than PS4.

Dec 2013 [PS4] ~862K [XO] 908K
Nov 2014 [PS4] 826K [XO] 1,230K
Dec 2014 [PS4] 1,065K [XO] 1,290K
Apr 2015 [PS4] 174K [XO] 187K

CaptainObvious8781230d ago

This is very surprising indeed. Was their a marketing blitz for the trade in offer?

Malice-Flare1230d ago

indeed, congrats. so, time to drop the price, Sony? i think you do need to...

kenshiro1001230d ago

Congrats to Microsoft but that's not...very impressive.

With all the aggressive deals and pricecuts, they should have been leading by more. 13,000 isn't something to brag about.

star_lancer1229d ago

What deals and price cuts are you referring to? This article is about April. There was no price cut in April. There were no new "deals" either.

Xbox One was $349 with Halo:MCC free throughout April.
PS4 was $399 with Last Of Us free throughout April.

Sounds like damage control.

kenshiro1001228d ago

They still should have sold more. 13,000 isn't anything to brag about.

memots1229d ago

Oh god ... Sales matters again .. Just like November.

How come ps4 making first in all territories never makes top page lol.

NatureOfLogic_1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It's very clear to me at this point that Xbox fans in particular seem more interested in positive Xbox One sales. The only time npd gets this hot is when Xbox pulls off a victory.

This was last months npd......

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Kayant1230d ago

Well this is a surprise...

MS statement -

“As the best-selling console in the U.S. in April, fans set record April sales and engagement for Xbox One last month,” Xbox marketing boss Mike Nichols said. “Xbox One console sales in the U.S. increased 63 percent in April 2015 compared to April 2014 and Xbox Live comparisons showed the number of active global users (Xbox One and Xbox 360) grew 24 percent. We are grateful to our fans for their passion and support and are looking forward to sharing more on the best game lineup in Xbox history at E3.”

thorstein1230d ago

Was there a major release that pushed these?

Good news for Xbox1.

Automatic791230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Ori and the Blind forest, State of Decay not to mention Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter, Forza Horizon Presents fast and Furious plus Happy Wars all are contributing to growth.

Note EA Access is a fantastic deal for 30 a year. All this in the Xbox Eco system is what continues to help Xbox drive growth.

reallyNow1230d ago Show
jznrpg1230d ago

I recieved a few emails saying to trade in my 360 for 175$ i think towards a XB1. I think this may be part of the reason.

Kurisu1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

As a PS4 / Wii U owner (never had an Xbox) I will definitely be keeping an eye on MS at E3. There are a certain few titles (Scalebound, Quantum Break) that really caught my eye previously, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer which might further entice me to buy an Xbox One. This coming year is definitely good for gamers :D

Also congrats to MS for this month.

Nevellin1230d ago

You should REALLY take a look at Killer Instinct. Its an awesome game. =)

Chevalier1230d ago

I'm a little less surprised. Microsoft were offering the most ridiculous Spring sales I've encountered. Where we're at they had the Xbone on sale. Our $499.99 kinect bundles were $440 CND ($365 USD) and we gave away Mortal Kombat X and Just Dance 2015 for FREE on top. Plus every weekend of April we had an Xbone sale as well with trade promotions offering extra cash on top to trade up.

nicksetzer11230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Why are you citing sales prices received in Canada?? This is a US analysis only...

Xbox one in US has had pack-in games for a while now, and is at $350. PS4 comes with pack-in games now and is $400. Anything beyond that is not pricing given by Sony or MS, but the retailers decision. It is not really that extraordinarily different considering the XB1 is a bit less powerful. Essentially a $50 difference based on MSRP in US.

marlinfan101230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Very surprising considering how close this was to bloodbornes release. I thought that'd push PS4's a little more



GMR_PR1230d ago

The game probably sold a lot of digital copies, It wasn't a system seller though that's for sure.

Automatic791230d ago

Blood Bourne is a niche title I only know one out of 10 friends of mine that have played it. My friend has wonderful things to say about it but you guys forget Dark Souls released within a week of Bloodbourn giving Xbox gamers an excellent title along the lines of Bloodbourne.