The Quixotic Challenge of Nintendo's Amiibos

It's hard to explain the strange hold Nintendo's Amiibo figurines have over their collectors, but one fan tries.

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Xof1280d ago

It's not that hard to explain. Nintendo gamers don't have the games to obsess over, so we obsess over the toys instead. Only so much can be done with Smash or Mario Kart, after all.

wonderfulmonkeyman1280d ago

I beg to differ.
I've had plenty to play lately thanks to the Eshop offerings and native BC.
Heck, I'm still playing Hyrule Warriors, haven't yet completely cleared Pikmin 3, and have been having a blast replaying Darksiders II and Mario 3D World, amongst others.
I've got 2 Amiibo's and haven't had an urge to get more yet because what they've given me is enough for now.

Xof1280d ago

Well, thanks for the generic fanboy response I've come to love from N4G users! Seriously though: thanks for the lack of vitriol. I really do appreciate that.

But, as you almost certainly know, I was talking about significant retail releases... Nintendo's big games in 2015 aren't much to speak of--there's Splatoon, Mario Maker, and DLC for Smash and Mario Kart. Yeah, the WiiU has plenty of games to play if you look at eShop indies, older WiiU and Wii games, and the virtual console.

But as you certainly do know, it's a steady stream of quality new games that will make or break a console. Nintendo recognized this with the 3DS, and that's what saved it. They do not appear to have learned the same lesson with the WiiU.

ZeekQuattro1280d ago

I haven't bought one since Mega Man released. I have six at the moment but I don't feel the pressure to get more. I wil buy some some eventually however. I essentially got all the ones I wanted except Meta Knight and Dedede.