The Witcher 3 - 14 Minutes of Gameplay Footage from PC Version at Ultra Settings

YouTube’s member ‘docm77′ has shared a video showing 14 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version, running at Ultra settings

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masterfox1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

it looks almost identical to the PS4 version, I don't see the much more draw distance, incredible lightning, and other detail from the original trailer.

See people right now theres no reason to get a over-expensive gaming PC, just get a PS4 for your gaming necessity and you will get a high to ultra settings right out of the bat.

Pandamobile1310d ago

What if I want to play my game at more than 30 FPS?

Adexus1310d ago

And to be able to tinker around with the graphics settings, maybe use Nvidia Hairworks, possibly install some/tons of mods down the line :D

T9001310d ago

Lol add in mods, there will be no comparison in the long run.

NuggetsOfGod1310d ago

when dx12 with hbm2 4gb - 8gb+ gpus come and ps4 games looks similar to pc; it will expose all the devs who are limiting pc for consoles.

pc is about to sky rocket again probably in 2016.

the bigger the platform the less console ebola will spread.

hduce1310d ago

@Pandamobile What if I want to game in a higher resolution than 1080p?

mikeslemonade1310d ago

masterfox is right. $300 something to play 1080p 30 frames normal settings. You pay $1000 for a marginal difference..

Like when I play this on max settings 1080p and 60 frames possibly I will have a hard time spotting the difference other than a better frame rate. However I payed $1500 with discounts. My PC is actually almost $2000 worth.

PC master race is overhyped thus far. Don't listen to the mumbo jumbo. PS4 is the most practical right now.

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Mikefizzled1310d ago

I bet if you compared RAW footage without Youtube compression you'd eat your words.

T9001310d ago

What if i want to play beyond 1080p. Say 1440p or 4k?

RocketScienceLvlStuf1310d ago

Thats weird. I just watched the xbone intro and in that the woman is naked where as here she has underwear on.

I hope they haven't censored the European version

uth111310d ago

Xbox One couldn't handle the extra polygons needed to render the underwear, so they removed it as the downgrade ;) /s

Haru1310d ago

because the original wasn't even running on existing hardware it was pre-renderd for fake publicity

starchild1310d ago

Quit speaking nonsense. I'm tired of people making up sh*t and talking about things they have no knowledge of. There is no difference in draw distance or lighting between the first trailers and the final game. This is just some BS the downgrade brigade pulled out of their @ss. There is no evidence to support this. If there is, show it.

Most people are unqualified to judge the technical aspects of graphics. They see a difference of color palette or time of day as a difference in "lighting". They see atmospheric fog in a particular screenshot as "reduced draw distance". It's all so patently ridiculous.

starchild1310d ago

Ok, I was probably a little too harsh. But it really is frustrating seeing the same misinformation being parroted around by people that either have an agenda or don't know what they are talking about.

Take the following two screenshots that some are trying to use as evidence of a downgrade--
--I've heard people trying to claim the "lighting" and "draw distance" are worse in the new screenshot, but that simply isn't the case. The majority of differences we see there are artistic changes in terms of the colors being used for different objects and structures. The texture quality itself appears essentially the same between the two, although the compression is so bad that it's hard to say for sure. The camera has also been positioned closer to Geralt while on horseback in the final game.

Another difference that is impacting the look of the scene is the fact that the older demo had clearer skies, while the newer one is more overcast. Not deeply overcast, but there definitely seems to be more cloud cover. The more cloud cover there is the more diffused the lighting becomes which results in softer lighting. This is a well known natural phenomenon that CDPR is mimicking in their lighting and weather system.

The other thing certain people keep trying to push is this idea that the draw distance has been reduced. They use screenshots like the ones above and point to the fact that in the new version the castle in the background seems less clearly defined. They attribute this to "draw distance", but this is a mistake. Ironically enough, it's the older version that is "downgraded" or missing something.

The new version is using an effect called atmospheric scattering. In the real world this happens due to the atmosphere between the viewer and the object being viewed. The greater the distance between the viewer and the object the more particles the light has to travel through and this results in more scattering, which causes a softer, color-shifted appearance the more distance is involved.

When you see a mountain in the distance, for example, you often notice that it appears fuzzier and has a blue tint. This is due to atmospheric scatter and is often called "aerial perspective". Game developers try to mimic this effect because it gives a better sense of distance and allows for improved spacial awareness and natural points of focus for the eye. Several of the more graphically advanced games in recent times have used this effect.

This same effect is used extensively in CGI-based movies and videos. An example can be seen in the new Witcher 3 "A Night to Remember" trailer:
If those more distant buildings and mountains were as sharp and clearly defined as objects close to the camera it would look completely wrong.

When I watched the Novigrad section of the old 35 minute demo I honestly thought that it looked a little raw and gamey, and I felt it was missing some atmospheric and post effects that would help smooth out and balance the composition to improve the look and help it not look so gamey. I'm happy that they have improved things in that regard.

sevilha821310d ago

Dude i love my PS4,i really do,and i´m gonna play this in my Ps4,but....If a i had a really good rig that´s where i´d play my Witcher,MODS,60 frm per sec,Nvidia Hairworks and lots more.
I loove my platform,but i also know it´s limitations,The Witcher deserves a really nice Rig to play it and it´s on my bucket list to build myself one.

SourtreeDing1310d ago

you cant say that here @masterFOX

PC gamers have special eyes that see extra detail from their uber set up... trust me right now this trailer looks 50x better than the PS4 version to them..

oh than they throw in the MODs arguement in ther..

Vegamyster1310d ago

Modding is a very valid argument, it can do anything from making the game look better, changing the combat or adding new content/story's.

Revolver_X_1310d ago

I always laugh at console fanboys. Thank god for mods. At least modders can give us what devs won't, when they gimp the PC version for parity with consoles. My modded Skyrim with custom ENbs looks better then games that released last year. Im not trying to be pretentious. I just see comments that are insinuating that PS4 is that powerful, and not the truth, which is CDPR went for parity.

ape0071310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

im a console gamer but it is identical to the ps4 version because of political reasons, sony and MS don't want people to go to PC

Vegamyster1310d ago

You'll also be getting those framerate drops too lol, part of my "gaming necessity" also includes backwards compatibly so i can play previously missed games.

kraenk121310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Better get your eyes checked. It is great the console versions look good as well but if you seriously believe there isn't a clear difference you simply come over as delusional and quite desperate.

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Xristo1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Just... five... days...

Wii_nes_0071310d ago

Wow, this makes the PS4 version look like trash. I could tell the night and day difference immediately. Im not a pc gamer, im buying this on the PS4. I am honest with myself on the other hand, and honestly, this video shows how much better ultra settings pc is then PS4. I still love my PS4 though.

windblowsagain1310d ago

Sorry but some of that looks poor. Bath scene looks like plastic legs,lol. Nowhere near the quality of recent titles.

I know it's a large game, but character quality is substandard.

starchild1310d ago

His body is wet, that's why his legs look like that. It's pretty normal in games for wet skin to look slightly plasticy. We haven't got to the point where skin shaders can create a convincing wetness yet. We can see the same thing on Nathan Drake when he is wet:

Your comments about it looking poor or having supposedly substandard character quality are too absurd to be worthy of a response.

Golden_Mud1310d ago

There is seriously nothing wrong with the game , but for some reason when the trees go invincible before the camera hits them , it kind of bothers me lol

methegreatone1310d ago

That's absolutely necessary. Given the density of bushes and trees, combat and navigation would be impossible without this feature.

You'd keep losing your character behind branches and bushes, and have no idea what he's doin in combat.

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