Bloodborne Sales Success Took Sony By Surprise

In an interesting interview with MCV, which we highly recommend to check out, the boss of the UK branch of Sony Computer Entertainment, Fergal Gara admitted that the highly acclaimed PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, exceeded their expectations in terms of sales.

It did surprise us, we had expectations to do well. We looked at the Souls series as a frame of reference, and we thought we could do better than that. We did – and then some. Relative to some of our sister territories, we were being quite ambitious, but even that proved to be conservative.

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Transistor1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Bloodborne sold 1M in 12 days on 1 platform with 23M consoles, Dark Souls 2 shipped 1M to 2 platforms in 3 weeks with 160M consoles.

Kind of kills the argument that games need to be multiplatform to be really successful.

MightyNoX1307d ago

Souls games started on Sony platforms, it should come as no surprise that a Souls game doesn't need the Xbox demographic to be successful (or hugely successful in this case)

nX1307d ago

For some it will come as a surprise as I've seen a lot of these comments before Bloodborne launched. Hopefully this success is enough reason for a Demon's Souls 2 :)

Transistor1307d ago

Bloodborne is Demon Souls 2. :)

Anyway for those interested in Bloodborne's success.

“If the top 10 software list was ranked on a SKU basis rather than a title basis, PS4’s Bloodborne, 3DS’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and Wii U’s Mario Party 10 would make the list.”

It hit top 10 on NPD in it's 2nd month on a per SKU basis. If that's a reflection of it's worldwide performance, that's great news and I don't see any reason for it not to be.

breakpad1307d ago

@transistor...also kills the argument for mobile turn from developers and shows that when you r dedicated to quality pays off

bouzebbal1307d ago

"It’s quite interesting to see that a clear high quality game like Bloodborne somehow was under low expectations for Sony."

i have no idea where the writer saw this... expectations were never low or else this game would never have seen the light of the day..
Bloodborne just exceeded their expectations, and i hope this means a sequel is in the works!

JetP06191306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

@ transistor, I agree what Bloodborn said about warranting a Demons souls 2. While Bloodborne was indeed directed and made by Miyazaki, it is no Demon's souls. The combat and mechanics, while not entirely different it is distinguished. I am one of the people thats wishing for a true Succesor to Demons Souls, though I wouldnt mind a new Ip again since in one of his interviews, he said his best work shows when he's working on a new Ip rather than a sequel because all new ideas are just pouring in, but I trust in anything Hidetaka miyazaki makes.

nitus101306d ago

For your interest here is the list of games made by From Software:

Most of the games were made for the PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and 4 however some were made for other platforms as well.

BTW. If there are any people who edit the Wiki please change the AU (Australia) listing to be the same as EU (Europe). In fact since the PS3 games were region free a US game could be played on an Australian/European PS3 and vice versa.

Perjoss1306d ago

I don't think the average Xbox gamer would make it very far in Bloodborne anyway, they tend to be into easier games like Sunset Overdrive and CoD.

MWH1306d ago

attitudes like yours and the guy above you is a pure example of the ugly face of things.

fanboys makes me want to vomit.

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SourtreeDing1307d ago

this game is awesome.

Game of the Year awards is gonna be real tough this year

Conzul1307d ago

Bloodborne already gets my GOTY vote in the soundtrack category.

madara0sama1307d ago

For real. Phantom Pain, Bloodborne, and The Witcher 3 have my nominations for GOTY. Such a good year for gaming.

UltraNova1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Well you're damn right...How do you choose between BloodB, Witcher and MGS and whatever surprise down the line, Shadow of Mordor style?

Personally, MGS5 will be my game of the year. I am an incurable MGS diehard and since MGS5 will be the last TRUE MGS game it already takes GotYA in my book.

I_am_Batman1307d ago

I wonder if Bloodborne will get a sequel and how that would influence the continuation of the Dark Souls franchise.

joab7771307d ago

It shouldn't have been a surprise. It was a AAA PS4 exclusive that stood alone. It is gorgeous, unique, with amazing combat and incredible lore. Add an actual challenge that is refreshing, and it will only continue to sell copies as ppl realize ot isn't to be feared...but loved.

Playing since launch and it's brilliant.

Erik73571307d ago

The fact that it was a exclusive helped....still would of sold well but this one had better marketing and sony fans would get it because its a exclusive game.

3-4-51307d ago

* Bloodeborne = A really good game with a ton of media backing.

That was the different in boosted sales.

Media praise.

Some people look at a bunch of 9/10 or 8.5/10 or 10/10 scores and auto buy based on that.

Those impulse buys factor in more than people would think and so when you get the media push, you get those impulse buys from people who would have never bought the game.

* Word of mouth from gamers is more valuable and means more, but that media push can make or break you sometimes.

That is why integrity and honesty matter.

Bloodborne without the media push still would have been praised the same by actual gamers and still been one of the best selling, but it probably sold an extra 500,000 copies based on pure media push.

Genova841307d ago

I bought a ps4 solely for this game. It was in fact, a system seller. Gears of War will sell me an xbone.

shysun1306d ago

I might get an xbone when the next gears hits.i love those games!

IAmTheBest351307d ago

Not to take away your point, because what im about to say doesnt change your overall argument, but I would like to point out that it didnt really sell to 160M different users. You still have to consider:
a) how many people owned both a PS3 and 360
b) how many people bought multiple consoles considering the fact that Sony had seen 2 revisions at this point and Microsoft had 1, AND the original 360 was a steaming pile of garbage that required people to buy it over and over and over again.

Considering these things, the user base that is actually in the market for a game that is being released on both platforms could range anywhere between 50 and 100 million. It is really hard to say. I honestly wouldnt even be surprised if it were less than 50, but you see what im saying.

Regardless, I agree with your overall point about exclusives. I just dont think we can think of the 80 million consoles that both companies sold as 160 individual people, because it is really much smaller than that.

Azzanation1307d ago

The argument still stands. Bloodborne could have quite possibly sold twice as much if available on more systems. It sold healthy on PS4 but that doesn't mean it would not have sold on other platforms either.

Look at GTAV coming to PC. Everyone thought it wouldn't sell on PC and be a pirated game, its made Rockstar a small fortune just on the PC release which sold 1 million at launch.

Bloodbourne could have done the same, not that I care, these type of games aren't for me, I am talking on a business front.

BG115791306d ago

Sony is surprised by everything they do right now.
It must scare them because they still don't know what to do to improve this situation. They don't still don't understand how they got in this situation in the first place...
It's actually funny.

remixx1161306d ago

I agree with you, I feel like their not sure and the answer is obvious..... Give us great games and we'll buy.

JoGam1306d ago

Um I gotta disagree with both of yall. Sony KNOWS what they are doing. They been showing us this since Feb 20th 2013.

GordonKnight1306d ago

It's one of the best PS4 games to date. So, this doesn't come as a surprise.

"Kind of kills the argument that games need to be multiplatform to be really successful."

Nintendo proves that every year.

Gority1306d ago

Not the same. This was a 3rd party game that Sony Japan collaborated on (although Sony owns the IP). Nintendo games are 1st party games. The closest comparison I can think of for Nintendo is Bayonetta 2, which was critically successful but not sales wise. 0.67 Million units globally for a game of the year nominee is pretty poor.

_-EDMIX-_1306d ago

@Gority- "This was a 3rd party game that Sony Japan collaborated on (although Sony owns the IP)"

?? Ummmm no. Sony contracted out From Software to make Demon Souls, just like they did with Bloodborne, Sony didn't buy the IP from them, they always owned both they hired the team to create those games.

Its a first party game.

"The closest comparison I can think of for Nintendo is Bayonetta 2"

LMFAO! No, just no. Sega owns the Bayonetta IP, not Nintendo.

That is the closest "you" can think of. A equally far comparison would be The old Zeldas for Gameboy, Capcom created those games, Nintendo owned the IP.

Star Fox Assault, Namco made it, Nintendo owns the IP.

Metroid The Other M, Team Ninja created it, Nintendo owns the IP.

Games are contracted out. Most times, the publisher owns the IP, not the team. The publisher finds a team to create said IP...the team actually doesn't matter.

KI was made by a team not owned by MS, Forza Horizon series was made by a team not owned by MS. The Order was made by a team Read At Dawn...not owned by Sony.

A first party game is a game owned by the actual publisher that makes the console.

Thats it, nothing about the team, nothing about who funded it etc.....

Does MS, Sony or Nintendo own the ip? If they do, its first party to them.

Gority1305d ago


First of all... Never stated half the things you listed below. Never said Sony bought the IP for Bloodborne, said it was developed by a third party studio, which guess what? it is.

Never said Nintendo owned the Bayonetta IP.

Thanks for listing better examples for Nintendo but those aren't even this gen and none of those sold that well either...

A better example I didn't think of at the time for this gen would have been SSB, as that was developed by Namco I believe.

The other thing... your statement "A first party game is a game owned by the actual publisher that makes the platform."

Wrong. First off, in my original comment I should have stated it was worked on by a third party studio, but I didn't expect someone to try and pick the comment apart. Second of all:

Second-party developer is a colloquial term used by gaming enthusiasts and media often used to describe two different types of game development studios:
1.Independently owned studios who take development contracts from the platform holders and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.
2.Studios who are partially or wholly owned by the platform holder (also known as a subsidiary) and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform

So it's a second party game. Don't try picking my comment apart if you don't know what you're talking about and don't say I said things I didn't.

_-EDMIX-_1306d ago

......not really. More systems still means more ways to make money. That is 1 situation, not the norm. I'm not really sure how one thinks that proves such a thing lol.

I don't even get where you heard an argument about games that "need" to be multiplatform to be successful...I mean way, way too many huge exclusives exist to even say that was even some ever lol.

Halo, Forza, God Of War, GT, Mario Kart etc sorta all prove that many times over then Bloodborne.

How much the publisher funded the game, with marketing, will show how much profit they make, regardless of system count. At the end of the day, they are seeking to make positive cash flow...making games on more then one system clearly allows some publishers to make more.

The ones that don't choose to based on clearly have business reasons to not do so ie selling consoles.

I don't disagree with you, merely that I'm not sure thats really ever been disputed.

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pwnsause_returns1307d ago

hopefully sony keeps collaborating with From Software and bring more ips to the PS4. It would be nice if at somepoint they remaster Demon's Souls, that was a game that started it all.

nucky641307d ago

oh - no remaster.....demon souls2!! miyazaki has said he'd like to do it and sony owns the IP....they could name their price for it and I'd pay.

of course, bloodborne2 would be awesome as well!

SmielmaN1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I just beat it a couple days ago and I can't wait for Bloodborne 2, where I probably have to fight my character from the first game at the end. That would be cool.

Transistor1307d ago

From Software has more PS4 exclusives in development.

pwnsause_returns1307d ago

Im down for whatever, I just want the Maiden in Black to level me up LMAOOO

Agent_00_Revan1307d ago

'Touch the demon inside me.'

Me- Giggity Giggity!

Unlimax1307d ago

Forgot to mention From Software has Tenchu franchise and that's HUGE , hopefully they can make an awesome Tenchu game like they used to do in PS1/PS2 era

Good-Smurf1307d ago

Tenchu 3 was great,Hell Tenchu series as a whole was far too underrated Tenchu 2 by Acquire is still the best Tenchu.
Good Thing FROM still have the chance to match the awesomeness of Tenchu 2,please god let there be a new
Tenchu for PS4!

nucky641306d ago

yea - tenchu was sweet. they could do some cool stuff with that too!

BlackTar1871306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I would melt with excitement if they mixed Tenchu and Souls/BB

Just the way the fighting works but then add all the stealth elements and make the fighting only when you get caught. Instead of Magic Magic they can have Ninja magic

Would be so AWESOME

Tenchu is the best Ninja game ever and is actually a ninja game the way i imagine a ninja game to be. Love gaiden but it's not true ninja

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daggertoes831307d ago

I want to play this game so bad but im very much a casual gamer. The difficulty really scares me. Im glad people liked it though. This game looks amazing.

Kane221307d ago

for the most part you can bring a friend along with you. some parts of the game i needed help myself. i don't care how many people called me "noob" or "casual" i need help im asking lol.

Dario_DC1307d ago

Got me through at least 2 bosses on my first playthrough "A Hunter is never alone" :)

gangsta_red1307d ago

The difficulty is there but it's not as unbelievably hard as people make it seem. If you level up appropriately and play smart you shouldn't have a problem and be able to enjoy this game.

remixx1161306d ago

True true for the most part, there were a few parts that gave me a head trip though, like cainhurst castle and the forbidden woods.....they were both hard I guess....also my first walk into the nightmare frontier and yahargul.

Xer0_SiN1307d ago

dont let the difficulty scare you. its fun. if you havent played any souls game before. you basically die to learn what youre doing wrong, or can do differently. thats the way the game is setup.

pwnsause_returns1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Bloodborne isnt about how difficult a game can be, its about taking precautions so you can beat the level in question. Dying is all about learning. Thats the point of dying in the game. if you go run around into the game thinking its a COD game or some mindless shooter, you will be Sucked

Dont let the difficulty of the game get to you. i know other guys who where casual gamers, and they where hooked on Demons souls.

kratoz12091307d ago

Casual as well. Work full time and have kids, I play probably 3 hours a week but I am getting there up to cainhurst castle,

SmielmaN1307d ago

That was the hardest boss in the entire game for me. Good luck.

Elda1307d ago

I was intimadted as well,never played any of the Soul games because of the difficulty.I knew I would get into Bloodborne knowing I love hack n slash games,but you can not play it as such or you will get destroyed.I beat the game & playing ng+ until The Witcher 3 drops.Hopefully there will be a Bloodborne-2.If you decide to play just level up your strength,stamina & vitality,have patience,be cautious & dodge you'll be fine & yes you'll die alot but you'll learn from your mistakes.If you buy...enjoy!

nix1307d ago

No game is going to give you the satisfaction this game gives. The sense of euphoria is unimaginable... This game is like a crack. It takes you through various emotions. Lol.

Get this game when the price falls down if you're afraid that you can't get in it.

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KryptoniteTail1307d ago

Same here, looks like a rehash of Demon Souls again, a mediocre game itself.

AutoCad1307d ago

Well after the order debacle,what is else was there to play lol..Im more intrigued on the number of casual people who purchased the game and returned it back within a few days.

r2oB1307d ago

More games to play than on the Xbox One though. Also don't forget, there are also multiplats available, you can also include the superior version of those games too.

MysticStrummer1306d ago

I'm more intrigued with how long this "What else do PS4 owners have to play?" stupidity will go on.