The Wii Speak microphone - how well does it work?

TVGB's Matthew Razak got to sit down while waiting for his press time with Nintendo and experience the Wii Speak microphone for himself while playing Animal Crossing: City Folk with none other than "Mario" (actually the voice actor behind Charles Martinet) on the other side of the mic.

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Polluted3772d ago

So now we'll probably get voice activated controls in addition to waggle. Nintendo's on a quest to eliminate those pesky "buttons" once and for all.

Maybe they'll get their own version of Sega's Seamen or Tom Clancy's Endwar.

Max Power3772d ago

i would imagine that their would be an echo, from the tv speakers. i hear that all time online with people with headsets and the tv loud.

nintendostar3771d ago

you know I never even thought about that possibility

nintendostar3771d ago

he said there wasn't and its not a head set soo

StephanieBBB3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

This thing must be able to read the mouth opening and closing for it to work properly. If it's driven by sound, you will either have to hear everything times ten as an echo when you speak with someone in game or, play your games with no sound which will kill the experience.

Was it so hard for nintendo to instead just develop an wireless mic?

ChickeyCantor3771d ago

their lame "living room" idea.

They want living rooms to be connected ...but i guess Nintendo forgets that some people have it in their own room.

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