Sony will treat No Man's Sky "like a first-party release"

The head of PlayStation UK said Sony plans to treat No Man's Sky like it isn't an "indie game" at all.

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MysticStrummer1280d ago

Smart, considering the reception this game has gotten when shown.

lelo2play1280d ago

Where the hell are the games from all the 1st party studios Sony has?
Most PS4 exclusives are from 3rd party.

DarkOcelet1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Lol, isnt Bloodborne and The Order 1886 considered 1st party? And there is more to come.

We have yet to see a AAA from the competition.

GribbleGrunger1280d ago

And MLB:TS. But let's not deal with reality, let's pretend the year is only 2 months long.

freshslicepizza1280d ago

sony does not want this game to come to the xbox one or wii u, that is essentially what they are saying. i hope they don't prevent a pc release.

Moldiver1280d ago

"sony does not want this game to come to the xbox one or wii u, that is essentially what they are saying. i hope they don't prevent a pc release."

Unless they pay them a shit tonne of money for a lifetime exclusive or buy the studio, it will come to xbox one eventually soon after the PC release. I am sure that statement will attract buzzing disagrees, but, hey money talks.

JoGam1280d ago

Patients my dear son. Patients! Thy games are in the distance. On the Horizon.

nix1280d ago

^^^^ to the prophet up there...

it's spelled 'patience'.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1280d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Sony is essentially trying to spin No Man's Sky as if it is a first party AAA because they're lacking AAAs in the second half of the year.

Sony's failure to deliver this holiday causes they need to promote an indie as AAA (that will then make Sony fans look like hypocrites from all the slighting they've done about Ori being "just an indie").

@DarkOcelet, Ori is considered a better game than The Order and less niche than Bloodborne... you're implying it matters about the title of "AAA" rather than what's important. We also haven't seen all the Sony list makers actually show they were right about how Sony will dominate 2015.

Even though I disagree with the logic of judging a game by the label "AAA", I think it is only fair that XO fans slight the PS4 this holiday for its "just an indie" exclusive.

Watch how true it is later this year when Sony fans take all they can get while crediting Microsoft with nothing (probably insulting Microsoft's AAAs as worthless "dudebro" games)... Sony fans will then credit No Man's Sky as AAA quality while they didn't credit Ori similarly (or give Microsoft credit for that Ori wasn't a "dudebro" game and it is one of the best platformers ever made for a console), even though there has not been a Sony indie with such AAA quality since the 2012 PS3 game, Journey, that was ported to PS4.

@shysun, yes, one of the best AAA quality indies ever made that is also one of the best platformers ever made is OK. Ori isn't really in the same class as practically every other indie made, yet Sony fans pretend it is when they make their defensive "indie" arguments.

shysun1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

@Del Sony was all over this game from day one! It has nothing to do with AAA games this Christmas. They secured the exclusivity very early.

Lol Xbox fan have bone nothing but talk cap about Sony because they have pushed indie games even before the PS4 was on sale! But now indie games are cool to you guys? Smh

someOnecalled1280d ago

I'm pretty sure ms have been pushing indies way before Sony with xb360. They was the first to do it on consoles. Sony just followed their leed just like online feature. Sony just have better relations with devs and companies. Ms always half @$$ everything they touch that why they never last in a lot of markets. MS had the potential to dominant in every market but fail to execute and react to a lot of things. Zune and smart phone. They could have been bigger than apple in the smart phone market. Remember palm pilots PDAs , but now they want to try that had the infrastructure. Bloodborne is not 1st party

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the_dark_one1280d ago

i dont know why, but i kinda have a felling that this game will be forever PS4 exclusive, and i mean console exclusive.

Captain_TomAN941280d ago

Yeah I get that feeling too. They would never try to prevent it from coming to PC, but with the 2:1 (As of now) install base and ease of programming I wouldn't be surprised if Sony could convince Hello Games that they should stay away from Xbox in return for tons of Sony advertising and support.

Actually I wouldn't be at all surprised if Sony just straight up bought them if they release another hit game after NMS.

Magicite1280d ago

If You guys remember, Sony also said that they will treat Destiny as 1st-party game. Glad to know of course.
They should treat all system sellers as 1st-party.

ScorpiusX1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Hope it does well and is more than(creator ) Murray hype

SaveFerris1280d ago

Agree, but who is 'Murray'?

SaveFerris1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Ah, Sean Murray. I totally forgot.

Ain't no party like a Sony first-party.

Septic1280d ago

They did the same with Destiny to a degree and that paid off massively. NMS has the potential to be something truly special and I would back that horse in a flash.

Insomnia_841280d ago

This is a perfect game for Project Morpheus and I have a strong feeling VR support for it will be announced at E3.

ilikepizza1280d ago

Destiny sold more on xbox 360 and over the course of holiday 2014 it sold more on xbox one. I wouldnt really consider that a marketing success.

Also it's funny to see how people in this thread hope sony buys the company to prevent it from coming to xbox one. Sony isn't buying anything but marketing deals lol. If or when this game is ported to PC it will make it's way to xbox one. It will be one of those games that devs will say it took only 1-2 days to port and that is microsofts plan all along in the meantime elite dangerous will do just space shooter people just fine.

Microsoft are like the yankees of the console war,lets be happy they dont buy up everyone,there's no fun in that.

@Insomnia_84 , you would actually consider buying morpheous?? Im sure the e3 will be packed with games that support it but unless a mandtory pack in expect few to use it. As much as kinect sold and became a pack in,look at the game support...deff a moutain for to sony climb with that one. Morpheous will be $199 just for the headset,$249 with just the wands $299 for headset wands camera. The pricing set up will have to be a mess. What if you have move but no pseye,pseye but no move. It's going to flop hard.

Provolone241280d ago

You're comparing No Man's Sky to Elite Dangerous? Fail. Idk what kind of pizza you like, but I don't think it's helping your brain cell count. And knock Sony all you want for buying marketing deals and/or trying to buy studios; Microsoft are the ones throwing cash at third party devs to land bs deals like Tomb Raider. Lord forbid they actually try to make a first-party new IP, but no; they'd rather pump Halo and Forza down your throat every year.

Microsoft - forever playing in the short-term.

Relientk771280d ago

Not surprised, I feel like they've been doing that already

italiangamer1280d ago

Yep, they are already doing that and definitely will bet big on it. E3 trailer with release date is 100% confirmed by now.

NuggetsOfGod1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

this mass effect 4 and especially Star Citizen makes this a good year for me. I love space!

I know sony promoted destiny for PlayStation but...

Destiny was meh imo..

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