Who "Won" E3?

Endsights' Art Green writes:

"After every E3, it seems like gamers are always wondering who "won" E3 between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The question strikes me as odd, because "winning" is a loaded term–it would mean that the others lost. With this E3, there wasn't a definite "loser", but varying degrees of winning. Maybe none of them appealed to you, but all of them had something to offer as long as you weren't looking at it from a purely personal basis.

So, who won E3? I'll let the grades speak for themselves but, in the end they all won in different ways."


Microsoft: A-
Nintendo: C+
Sony: B+

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TheHater3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Not all gamers, because some gamers can only afford one Console.
I pick multi-console owners are the real winner such as myself :)

Like I said, some gamers can't afford all the console, so the are only stuck with one or two of the console.

Megatron083773d ago

Why would you think gamers only have one Console ? I consider myself a gamer and I have all 3. The wii sucks tho mostly just use the vc on it but they have a few good games. ps3 have a few nice exclusives (however personally I think their 08 line up is trash).360 has the most games and the best online so its the system I play the most that and all my friend have one too.

E3 was great for both MS and Sony

TheColbertinator3773d ago

I agree with you.This E3 provided me with me interesting products as a consumer.Definitely looking forward to this year.

ape0073773d ago

sony no doubt about it,with their awesome over the top first party games(can't you see that critics,are you blind)

ms shows excellent multi plat games and steal a game thats it(all of them are on ps3,better versions,relaible system,disk,free online)

nintendo shouldn't attend at e3

no show better than this

sony yet again give us an excellent e3

thank you sony(little disappointed with no ICO 2)

The Wood3773d ago

Biggest announcement goes to MS with that FF snag but i feel they papered over the cracks and that was the lack of 1st party games (true exclusives). Either MS have now become 'leak free' or there really isn't that much to come apart from Alan Wake, Too Human Gears 2 and Fable 2. That in no way compares to what sony is kooking. Ill leave nintendo out of this *wii nunchuck adapter huh* how much will a nunchuck and nunchuck adapter cost........about the same a core

dannyhinote_133773d ago

@The Wood

I was disappointed that we didn't hear anything about Forza 3. That should be coming soon, though.

Megatron083773d ago

@wood you name off like 4 360 exclusive then say that all they have is multi console titles. I take Alan Wake, Too Humn , Gears and Fable 2 over the crap sony has coming out anytime soon KZ2 , Socom and Resistance 2 and people call the 360 the shooer console whats wrong with that picture.

Lets also not forget MS canceled a major announcement they were going to make at E3 cause they were unimpressed by what sony showed and didnt think they need to show it. Plus we know that they have Forza 3, Halo wars, Gears 3, KI3 and that Mass Effect 2 will be exclusive to the 360. I dont think MS is goin to run out of exclusives anything soon

archpsyker3773d ago

so MS is so good now that they can see into the future seeing that Sony's conference was the day AFTER Microsofts?

And if you are referring to the Bungie canceled E3 announcement that is a speculation since Bungie didn't mention who the publisher is and they have broken away from Microsoft already.

ape0073773d ago


name any game on the 360 that can just touche god of war 3

Halochampian3773d ago

tsk tsk tsk...

what kinda question is that that!?

You see a CGI trailer and now it is the best game ever!?!?

come on... that was such a fanboyish comment.

and your whole thing about multiplats being better on PS3 is completely opinion

thewhoopimen3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

You think pointing out the obvious number of titles Sony has over MS is crystal balling? Hey if you've got time to point fingers, let's hear your take on it.

Let me put it in a congenial non-crystal ball mode for you:
A titles Xbox Geow2, Fable 2, Left4dead, Alan Wake, Forza 3

A titles for Sony Heavy Rain, MAG, Socom, GOW3, R2, KZ2, FFXIII VS, Infamous, GT5, (ICO2)

We're talking 5 vs. 10 A Titles here. That's a year's lead if i recall from old xbox fanboi, "360 has buttloads of titles over PS3, we have halo3, ME, Gow, (Bioshock)" rants.

So where's the speculation of who's got more upcoming A titles?

Edit: Is Fable 2 going to be a system seller compared to FFXIII (if it were exclusive? No. FFXIII would've been an AAA seller. Fable 2 not).

Edit 2: If i forgot any exclusives on the 360 that are A titles, please fill me in. And if it's multiplat... just forget about it.

Halochampian3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I think it is funny how you know what games are AAA and which are not. Using that crystal ball I see?

why dont you use the crystal ball for something more useful...

EDIT: yea.. it is because you cannot determine what games will be AAA and wont be. I personally dont think Killzone 2 will be AAA but does that mean that it wont?!? NO!

So you just naming every exclusive on the ps3 and labeling it as a AAA is kinda fanboyish... while saying that Fable 2 is a "A at best"

You still forgot MANY titles on the 360.

EDIT 2:Viva Pinata 2, Banjo Kazooie 3, Halo Wars, Halo: Chronicles.

The Wood3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Just exclusives for this year and what we know of next year. Please list and you WILL see that sony has more, why? because they have 3 times as many studios and some of those work on 2 games simultaneously.

In regards to the topic in question; Sony showed more more games including exclusives but MS had the biggest announcement. Please show me different and ill accept it and shut my mouth. Goalpost seem to be conveniently shifted from the most games show to the biggest anouncement and games we know exist. My point is were they shown in any way shape or form, answer that and you'll understand my point. Did ms show alan wake? no Did sony show wipeout? no so they have nothing to do with e3 and should not factor into who 'won' it

@Megatron08 how ms cut things before knowing what sony was going to show is illogical to put it mildly, MS have money but i dont think they've acquired the delorean quite yet

yesah3773d ago

lol, most of the games he talked about on the MS side are multiplat.

thewhoopimen3773d ago

Viva pinata2 / Halo Wars / Banjo are A titles? Pfft. Niche at best especially the first 2... Banjo maybe.

Fine if Viva's an A than Ragdoll Kungfu, The Agency, Linger in Shadows and LA Noire is my reply. Ragdoll looks like it might be a Smash Bros. Competitor and LA Noire is going to be wicked period.

N2NOther3773d ago

Uhm...Actually, nearly every game that is on PS3 and 360 runs and plays better on 360 and at a higher resolution.

Personally, I own both consoles (No, the Wii doesn't count as a console as it's more of a glorified joke) and I've done the math...Between now and the end of the year I've got a list of 19 definite games and about 12 "maybes" This is gonna be a great Holiday.

ape0073772d ago

chill man chill

I love my 360,I love gears of war and I will buy gears 2 day one

I didn't mean god of war 3 I mean god of wa franchise as a whole

man believe me play god of war 2 on ps2

and all of you fanboys out their from both sides(ms and sony)

don't miss a game just because you love brand A more than brand B

you are a gamer,you love gaming,not a tool for this company

but you know what

ps3 has the best exclusive games coming

any real gamer will not disagree with me

don't miss games,there are few game studios out there,the industry can go casual any time

peace :)

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ape0073773d ago

the main point that I buy mostly ps3 versions is because of the blu-ray doesn't get scratched

that is the best feature aside from disk space

Gordii3773d ago

They do get scratch but its very very hard to you almost have to drop the disk on the floor and slide it around with your foot.

thewhoopimen3773d ago

you can take steel wool to it and it will be fine. You can take a pizza cutter and it will be fine.

Gamingisfornerds3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all don't deserve the 'winner' tag, instead the hardcore gamers have lost.

So many great games gone unmentioned at this years E3, so many surprise no-shows and so many nasty surprises, almost always involving games only your grandma and grandpa would dare play.

Casual gamers won E3 2008.

incogneato3773d ago

You might have missed Sony's conference which barely had any casual games at all. Nintendo and Microsoft definitely packed their boring conferences with casual games though. And that's why they lost E3.