Opinion - Cutting The Multiplayer Could Be Great For Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Yesterday’s reveal of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gave us several details to digest. From new traversal and transportation options to more interesting gang-building activities, Syndicate is looking to add new mechanics that work into the story and Victorian London setting in interesting ways. Perhaps the most overlooked detail from yesterday’s announcement, however, is that this year’s release will not feature any multiplayer components.

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Aery1308d ago

To me the AC multiplayer have always been enjoyable and, looking back all the AC releases, looks like this component *never* detracted anything from the main game.
Unity, probably one of the worst entries of the series is the only one that didn't feature the MP.

So, was it really the MP what needed to be cut in order to have a good AC game ?

kazumakiriyu1308d ago

Ty, someone finally gets it. I can't believe so many articles thanking them for giving us less content. The multiplayer added fun replay value which unity took away.

SweetIvy1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

If anything, I think it shows how they want to invest (not just monetarily, but also in regards to design etc.) as little as possible, rather than offer the widest AC experience possible.

As you suggested, Brotherhood was one of the pinnacles of the series, lots or new things in SP and they introduced the MP (although it had its troubles).
Moreover it introduced a unique and peculiar way to play MP, that I honestly really miss.

This isn't about being committed to the SP, is about earning the same money with less work. It sure makes sense, but I'm not sure it deserves praise from consumers...

There's many awesome games that introduce MP and raise in quality and content.
Latest example? Dragon Age Inquisition, someone tell me the SP suffered for the introduction of the MP.
Oh, wait, there's a separate team that develops it... go figure. The team working on DA:O didn't even bother with the MP.

Ok they decide not to include their unique MP, I'm sorry, but can live with it... but thanking them?!?! o_O'

DarkBlood1308d ago

Because I rather not split the budget for a game to give for the mutiplayer player when the other 50 % of that can go into making a great and better single player campaign

you know the reason why people like the franchise in the first place

3-4-51308d ago

* AC Brotherhood & AC4 both had regular multiplayer and those were two of the best in the series.

Unity didn't have normal multiplayer and it sucked.

Multiplayer isn't effecting single player game.

They just make boring single player games when it's not about pirates.

Dlacy13g1308d ago

I have to admit, hearing the news it was single player only has me rethinking my stance on this game in a positive way.

Silly Mammo1308d ago

Being that its Ubi, they'll probably introduce MP as a paid DLC later on.

curtis921308d ago

I think it shows commitment to the quality of the game for them to ditch all MP. Definitely a good sign.

DragonKnight1308d ago

I kinda wish the game would adapt a version of the Souls series where other players could invade into your game and try to stop you fulfilling your missions using the same Assassin skills you have. Would make you stay on your toes all the time, plus with the new environmental traps it could add a depth of challenge. But I suppose that's not really possible for a game like this.

Dlacy13g1308d ago

Wasn't that kinda watch dogs?

DragonKnight1308d ago

Not really. In Watch Dogs, if you never accessed online at all, you'd never be invaded. I played the PVP A LOT and I was never invaded until after I tried invading someone else. I'm talking about a dynamic system like in the Souls games (not Bloodborne as it's less dynamic by relying on the bell-ringing woman) where you could be doing your thing and then all of a sudden someone invades you in the middle of stalking a Templar and they try to kill you. Or, they could implement some stuff from Watch Dogs where you have to tail an Assassin you've invaded and spy on them, that could be fun.

Watch Dogs had the right idea but poor implementation, plus it could never be as fun as in AC where you can parkour everywhere. In Watch Dogs you had to be very creative in trying to hide from someone but in AC the options are nearly limitless.

magiciandude1308d ago

How can having a multiplayer mode hurt the game. All anyone has to do is to not play it...

Psychotica1308d ago

I would say it's because it takes away their attention from developing a better single player game

DragonKnight1308d ago

Well it requires resources and focus in development, resources and focus that could be better used in the single player ensuring a smooth running game.

magiciandude1308d ago

That's true, but let's see how well this year's AC game turns out. If it's like Unity then Ubisoft's PR team will be sweating in panic once again. :)

DragonKnight1308d ago

The Unity screw up did give us free DLC though, so I'm kinda hoping it's a terrible buggy mess. Lol.

magiciandude1308d ago

Actually I wouldn't mind having another screw up either. It would be entertainment within entertainment. It's always fun watching the Internet exploding in rage and get some free goodies.

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