The First Madden NFL 16 Screenshots Look Amazing

Madden School writes, "The flurry of news regarding Madden 16 continues today. EA Sports has released the first screenshots of Madden NFL 16 and they are breathtaking. Of course we all know that just because some early screenshots look great doesn’t mean much, but it does gives us hope that Madden 16 will be much improved."

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theXtReMe11284d ago

Looks incredible. I hope these visuals translate to gameplay and arent just super lit photo mode models. As they finally look real and as if they are using some of the procssing power of the current gen machines.

Lets hope all of the great modes from last gen are reinstated with some better presentation that makes it truly feel like a Sunday broadcast. If so, it should finally bring Madden into the next generation and be the football game fans have dreamt about for ages.

XBLSkull1283d ago

Looks exactly the same as 15 to me...

WickedLester1283d ago

Thank God, I thought I was the only one.

Dee_911282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

which looked like 14
which looked slightly better than 13
which looked like 12
which looked like 11
which looked slightly better than 10
etc etc.
The gameplay was about as different as the graphics too.
I hope people aren't still buying these rehashes every year for updated rosters..I havent bought a madden since 12 and before that, 08.I'm good with 2 maddens per gen. So I might get this one, but the next one i get will be madden 2020.

freshslicepizza1283d ago

they look good until you play the game because the camera pulls back and the level of detail isn't as good. what they need to fix are the animations and clipping.

solid_snake36561283d ago

Screenshots for Madden rarely translate to gameplay. I've been finding that out for the last 10 years. Madden 2005 was the last great Madden.

Shineon1282d ago

Madden 2005 was the last Madden that had to go up against competition

Christopher1282d ago

Seeing your baby born in front of your eyes is something that is amazing. Climbing to the top of one of the tallest mountains in the world and looking out at the world below you is amazing.

Can we stop saying game graphics are amazing, especially when they're really not? This looks like slightly better than the same thing we had last year. That's not amazing. That's just standard progression for these games in this day and age.

SpinalRemains1381282d ago

Adjectives are relative.

Something like your kid being born is obviously a superlative. What's going to compete with that?

Saying a game has amazing visuals does not mean it is the greatest moment ever. It means it has amazing visuals, which it does.

Christopher1281d ago

@SpinalRemains138: So, I'm going to assume you were "surprised" by "how good" these graphics are?

Honestly, is anyone at all surprised by the quality of graphics nowadays when we see so much better in engine demos?

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Kane221283d ago

i must be seeing different cause it looks just like last year's......

Psychotica1283d ago

Queue in the NFL 2K5 was better bs..

DoublePlusGoodGames1283d ago

I saw a typo in your post. It should have said, "NFL 2K5 "IS" better" and then you can strike the "bs" part.


Smok911283d ago

You clearly didn't play 2K5.

Psychotica1283d ago

I have a copy sitting right here..

LexHazard791283d ago mad a 11yr old football game is still better!?!
Que the Charming shit paper.

iceman061283d ago

Without NFL 2K5, Madden probably wouldn't be half the game that it is today. EA has been cherry picking the hell out of it's features since it released...and somehow STILL can't quite get it right.

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OrangePowerz1283d ago

I think in the picture Brady is checking the ball if it's deflated enough :D

LexHazard791283d ago

Brady is still the best! Or did you noT watch the second half of he AFC championship game and SB? No deflate issues there...

sourav931283d ago

If you're referring to the screenshot on the website, then I'm sorry to tell you, but that's Gronkowski :P

Brady is still the best!

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