Beautiful Driveclub 1080p Screenshots Show New Cars on PS4: Lamborghini and DS Survolt

To celebrate the release of the details of this month’s update, Sony and Evolution Studios released a batch of new Driveclub screenshots focusing on the new cars coming to the game.

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Toiletsteak947d ago

OMG just add Private lobbies already, they spoke about it in January and still haven't done it.

gosukyomomma946d ago

Maybe they dont want to break the game by having everyone joining private lobbies leaving the online portion dead

Ben12947d ago ShowReplies(6)
Knushwood Butt947d ago

'Beautiful'.. Kinda low key :-)

jerethdagryphon947d ago

Hrmmm new lambos sigh still need. 3 stars from main tour

Confickercrash947d ago

Great, but still no Japanese cars :(

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