Sony’s To-Do List for E3 2015

Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'A month from today, gamers up and down the land will be boarding hype trains and getting their press conference bingo cards ready, as E3 2015 begins to usher forth a whole new wave of announcements and news. We have covered Microsoft’s list of things it needs to do and we have talked about what to expect from Nintendo, so let’s see our sights on Sony.'

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SaveFerris1229d ago

1. Bring games
2. Show games

Is there anything else?

Timesplitter141229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

1- Get on stage
2- Utter the words "Last Guardian"
3- Leave stage
4- Sony wins E3
5- Civilization crumbles because everyone just died

Kingscorpion711229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Everyone is going to be blown away by Sony Bend new IP! I emailed John Garvin the Co-Studio Director and Creative Director for Sony Bend and he said the sony fans are going to be blown away this E3 with a few new IPs!!! :)

Rookie_Monster1229d ago

1. Show new games
2. Stage demo of third party games and Uncharted 4
3. Stay classy and don't mock the competition with slight jab ie..“While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires.”

Rikuson11229d ago

Why should they "stay classy" whether you want to call it immature or genius. The fact is had it not been for that "unclassy" performance to the exposure of what the other company was doing the industry right now would be taking a route no one would agree with.

Relientk771229d ago

Show us:

1. JRPGs
2. 3D platformers
3. Resurrect PS1/PS2 franchises

spaceg0st1228d ago

my god you're living in the past.

CDbiggen1228d ago

Yes. I'll take some of that.

Acquiescence1229d ago

The Last Guardian
Shenmue III
Gravity Rush 2
Ni no Kuni 2

Show those four games on stage and I'll give your conference a thumbs up. Cheers.

RpgSama1229d ago

I love how always in opinion pieces they give importance only to what they want, he even names a lot of games that are coming only for ps4, but gives zero relevance to them so he can prove his SONY HAZZZZ N0 GAIMEZZZZ!!! theory:

"While Tearaway is coming to the PS4, which will please the 25 people who bought the Vita version"

"Again, they still have the market cornered with RPGs, with Disgaea and Persona 5 probably getting a Western release date at E3, while the majority of the FGC will jump ship as soon as Street Fighter V is released but this is all 2016 stuff"

"I know they’ve got Until Dawn on the way but again, that seems a little too niche of a game to really get people pumped up"

"Sony may have indies locked down, with No Man’s Sky being the huge one along with loads of smaller titles like Enter the Gungeon, it no longer has any massive exclusives to make those units fly off the shelves during the winter period"

So Disgaea 5, No Man's Sky, Persona 5, Until Dawn, Street Fighter V, Tearaway Unfolded are games that will not sell units, will not sell ps4's, will not matter come Winter, that's a very narrow minded point of view, the strenght of the Playstation Catalogue has never been just one title but the Sum of everything, all the different kind of experiences for different kind of people.

And on top of that i'm pretty sure new games will be announced.

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