Rumor: FIFA 16 to include UCL and NASL

Rumors have been burning up the South American gaming scene recently regarding the additional leagues which may or may not be making an appearance in FIFA 16.

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claudionmc1285d ago

If this is true, it's the end of Konami

Well, everything that happened with Kojima brings me to support anything that hurts Konami >:)

Vahlok1285d ago

If it really happen, Konami should cancel Pes 16 :) I expect this for many years. Im gonna be so hype if there is gonna be official talk about this.

Stringerbell1285d ago

Not a big deal an OF will solve this in about a second. If FIFA exists w/out the UCL than so can PES. I mean past iterations already got by w/out it. Its the game play that matters, it always has.

Thefreeman0121285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

If FIFA actually has UCL then I will actually buy this years. but if they make it a paid DLC then F'it

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