Konami Promise to Clarify on Kojima Fallout

Antonio Fucito from the Italian site has revealed on Twitter during the Metal Gear Solid V preview event, that Konami are planning to clarify the details of the Kojima fallout in the coming months.

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Nyxus1283d ago

They have a little more time to come up with an excuse. :P

mikeslemonade1283d ago

Wish we will get the truth but we won't.

wakeNbake1283d ago

Theyre dead to me after cancelling Silent Hills , MGSV is the last game I'll ever buy from them.

comebackkid98911283d ago

They're just dead to me, I'll pirate TPP.

PurpatraitorMGS1282d ago

You should buy TPP to show support for Kojima.

-Foxtrot1283d ago

Course it will be, it's going to be a good read once I burst out laughing with whatever BS they've came up with

Timesplitter141283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I think the most plausible scenario is this:
-Konami decides to shift to mobile games only
-Konami tells Kojima he'll have to make mobile games now
-Kojima doesn't want to
-Kojima tells konami he is quitting once MGS5 is finished
-Konami is mad because they just lost their most important employee, removes his name from everything
-Everyone is mad at Konami now
-Everytime the Konami boss looks at himself in the mirror, he sees Kojima grinning back at him, saying "Did yu rike it?"

mrdxpr21283d ago

OR kojima and konami are playing a major crazy disturbing joke on us just for the release of MGS5.. Just covering all areas.

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Lucreto1283d ago

I bet he was against the companys move to mostly mobile market and being an executive with the company was actively trying to stop it and got fired.

Timesplitter141283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I'm more under the impression that he quit, rather than being fired. Konami would have to be really stupid to fire their star developper, even if there were tensions between them

On a side-note, I hope he gets on Kickstarter and funds his PT game with Del Toro. They just have to call it something other than "Silent Hill". Any project from him on kickstarter would be cool, really.

Koji Igarashi, also an ex-konami employee, proved that this can indeed work:

paddy951283d ago

pt would get at least 2-3 million.

deadpoolio3161283d ago

Um yeah NO...He ain't getting no PT kickstarter going...If MGS was 60 million to get something on the same level as PT would probably cost at least that if not twice as much...For the 2 maybe 3 million it would get at best yeah your looking at Amy 2....Not even figuring it what it would cost to get Del Toro and Reedus back neither of which work for free one of which being a highly expensive actor

Wii_nes_0071283d ago

Toooooooooo late Konami, you blew it.

AtariFanboy1283d ago

Who's gonna believe them?

pwnsause_returns1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

why in the coming months? your not going to put a cherry on top and pretend nothings going to happen are ya? We know what happened. you put the pieces together, and we know whats going to happen, end of story..... Stop delaying the inevitable.

-Taking his name off the MGSV cover
-Killing off his studio, and renaming the LA studio
-Pulling out of the Stock exchange
-the possibility that you are going to fire pretty much every developer
-People coming forth talking about the consequences and doing a youtube strike to conceal the truth
-Putting a complete focus on Mobile (terrible idea BTW)

I mean how much more damage you want....

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The story is too old to be commented.