Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s Single Player Focus Is the Best Move by Ubisoft in a Long Time

Ubisoft has revealed their reasons behind eliminating a multiplayer component from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and it is probably the best move they've made.

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xYLeinen1229d ago

I'm a big AC fanboy since the first game. I think a SP focus only is a great choice for Ubisoft, and they did admit their wrongs with Unity.

I'll forgive Ubisoft and give them one more chance with Syndicate, because of my deep love for the AC series. I know the developers want to give us a great game, and I can only hope I can feel the enjoyment in a AC game as I did in Black Flag for example.

Orejillz1229d ago

I'm in the same boat. I was honestly turned off to the series by AC 3, although I did play Black Flag (and enjoyed it). I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore, but so far everything they've shown thus far with Syndicate lead me to pre-order the game. It really looks like a return to form for the series.

GigawattConduit1229d ago

It really sounds like they've taken the issues with Unity to heart. I don't think they would've started the stream with all the complaints about Unity otherwise if rectifying things wasn't one of their major priorities with Syndicate.

Revolver_X_1228d ago

Opposite for me. AC3 drew me back in. Ezio as a character was boring to me. The locals we're barely interesting, by Revelations I was done, didn't even complete it. Not to mention the dead end storyline of Desmond, which is probably the best example of poor writing in any AAA franchise.

bixxel1228d ago


ab5olut10n1229d ago

I'm a little disappointed, my friends and I really enjoy playing unity together

Wii_nes_0071228d ago

Lol, single player focus is their best move in a long time? How many ac games were multiplayer? One. The writer acts like Screwbisoft has done the last 3 ac games were multiplayer, hilarious. After AC scrutiny, i mean Unity, my Screwbisoft days are over.

GigawattConduit1228d ago

There have been FIVE AC titles with multiplayer: Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, 4, Unity.

TheOnlyMastrx1228d ago

This is great news, though coop in Unity was actually fun, I never really got into the other multiplayer modes from previous AC titles.

Revolver_X_1228d ago

I actually really enjoyed coop compared to pvp in the previous titles. Wish coop was still in it.

bixxel1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

AC games were supposed to be single player only from the beginning. Because it's a historical action adventure game that focuses just as much as on story telling and entertainment as much as on historical education.

Maxor1228d ago

Yup. AC Unity coop was the best online feature in any of the Ubisoft games. Better than Farcry 4, better than any Splinter Cell, better than Watch Dogs, and better AC Blackflag.

They finally nailed the online formula and now they're abandoning it. Huge mistake.

thricetold1228d ago

Sp games, best thing is there is ZERO reason to pay full price for them. Might as well wait until it is patched and get the full package with all the inevitable dlc for a much lower price!

Love it when devs give me no reason to buy upon release.