The Witcher 3 Shows How Polygon Shouldn’t Review Games (Editorial)

Videogame website Polygon is no stranger to controversy, but their review of The Witcher 3 is another nail in the coffin for their credibility.

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SaveFerris1313d ago

Didn't MS fund Polygon in the early days? And now they are a major videogame website that seems to dislike gamers and the games they play for issues that in my opinion, are not relevant in a review of a videogame.

johndoe112111312d ago

Microsoft gave polygon $750,000 to start their business. Hence the reason they are heavily pro microsoft and when they are not, they're basically calling for the eradication of videogames.

DOMination-1312d ago

Sony also gave them money

johndoe112111312d ago

Where is the source for that statement? Link please.

dead_pixels1313d ago

Well said! Polygon's obsession with stirring up controversy for clicks rather than crafting constructive reviews is nothing short of appalling. They can't shutter that cesspool of sensationalism soon enough.

medman1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

A review is an opinion, nothing more. And these sites, even the major ones, often offer their reviews with one person responsible for reviewing the game, instead of a consensus formed among a review staff. That to me is the biggest problem....because whether the game scores highly or not, it often falls to one person's opinion to make the call, and I don't see how that is legitimate, for any site. Everybody has biases, or preferences, that will color their review, so letting that responsibility fall on one person alone is the wrong way to go about it, in my opinion anyway. The responsibility should fall upon a team of reviewers who may play the game individually, but come together to discuss strengths and weaknesses of said game and then formulate a score that takes the play styles and preferences of the many into account.

Chanogram1312d ago

That's why people should read multiple reviews, and make any decisions using information from as many as you can. Sensationalizing one review is pointless. Metacritic isnt a perfect system, but it (usually) paints a clearer picture than reading one person's or site's review of something.

To your point, I agree that it's hard for one person to "make the call" for a company. Not sure what the alternative is though. They can't have 3 people playing the same game for 3 weeks just to get a "consensus". $$$ and all.

Chanogram1312d ago

Opinions, everyone has them. Reviews will always be subjective, and include opinions. Everyone's opinion is different. I don't think he was trying to stir up controversy, just expressing what he thought. With that said, he gave it an 8 out of 10... is this really that big of a deal?

Also, just because it was historically accurate doesn't mean it HAS to be in a game. If i'm making a game from the american slave era, do i have to/want to see someone being whipped or god forbid, play the white slave owner doing the whipping just because that's "how it was" back then? No thanks. Point is, they didn't HAVE to include nudity in the amount they did, just because it was mimicing a time period. It was a deliberate choice they made. Some people wont like that choice, like Gies.

Allsystemgamer1312d ago

The game is based off the books which is mysogynistic. If it strayed from source material it would make a lot of people upset.

Why should they change the world because of The stupid SJWs?

Te women in this game are extremely powerful and polygon is stirring up controversy where there is none.

The games world is violent. The men are horrendous beings. Te women are abused and you feel bad about it. I'm playing the game right now and half of the crap polygon talks about is false.

Chanogram1312d ago

How many people who are going to buy this game have any idea about the books, let alone read them? You're missing my point entirely.

CDPR has every right to make whatever game they want. Reviewers and all other people, have every right to have whatever opinion of that game they want. Who are we to say their review or opinion is wrong?

There are plenty of games I enjoy that reviewers didn't like, and vice-versa. Who cares? This review is only "controvercial" because someone decided it was and wrote about it on social media. I'm personally done reading about this and discussing it, as it's not worth the effort anymore. I'll be picking up the game on tuesday next week and most likely won't even remember this editorial or the polygon review. Instead i'll be playing and (hopefully) enjoying the game.

If gamers spent more time gaming, and less time bitching and whining about everything, the community would be a lot more fun.

Cra2yey31312d ago

Bringing this up in Reddit leads to many down votes lol

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