Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gets Lots of Info About PS4 Controls, Gameplay and Graphics

It's just three months and a half from the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and several journalists are in Los Angeles to try the game.

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Yi-Long1286d ago

I just want to know if the PS4 release will have the original Japanese voices as an option, or not.

If not, I'll wait for the PC-release.

Batzi1286d ago

It will have them if you import the Japanese version.

1286d ago
elninels1285d ago

If he feels the need to voice it, often, for a bunch of people he doesn't know, then yes, he is a hipster.

Yes, that is certainly a run on sentence.

KillerPwned1286d ago

That would be a neat add on but I highly doubt you will see that in the west.

SoulMikeY1286d ago

"Original"... I don't know if you know that this is a worldwide game, not Japanese only. Whatever it launches with are original. In fact, none of the voicing in any language was an afterthought.

And yes, gaming hipsters is right, lol.

baryonyx1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

You know that Kojima used voice actors both from japan and west, where both actors used facial tracker to get the real expression compared to the movement of the mouth. Both versions are original because each version got their own facial acting.. actually i think the japanese version is closer to the voice-over since they used keith sutherland during the facial animation movements as commercialized.

Yi-Long1286d ago

Baronyx: Original language is Japanese. Kojima is Japanese, so all the original text was written in Japanese. He barely speaks a word of English. It's made IN JAPAN, by Japanese developers, in a Japanese studio, for a Japanese publisher.

Original language is Japanese, no question about it.

And the original language should ALWAYS be there as an option, regardless of the language.

I want my American games, cartoons, tv-shows, movies, comics, etc etc all in English, but when a movie is Swedish or Chinese or Korean, I prefer watching it in the original language as well.

Many people in Europe and around the world prefer their entertainment in the ORIGINAL language, with subs.

I don't mind the dub being there, but the original voices should absolutely be included. Or they should make the Asian release import-friendly by adding English subs, which they already have for the western release anyway, so it shouldn't be a big problem for them to add them to the Asian release.

baryonyx1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )


Go watch how they created this game and you will see the animation of the game is constructed around keith sutherlands acting, it's his facial expressions and everything and the video is on youtube, They hooked all the bulbs onto his face and he did the facial acting and voice acting through out the entire game
If they did the same with the japanese actors, only means that both are original and that there are no voice-over dubs since both are contruction from the bottom up which means it's two original versions. Both are original and the game is aimed towards the world marked. Fuck... can't people for once stop assuming something and go fucking watch game developement videos on youtube for once? Just because the script was written in japanese, doesn't mean that they hired a well known actor to do voice over. they recorded the entire game with keith sutherland voice and facial acting. Kojima also said this himself that it was great to find a actor so good with the facial and voice that it made the character come more alive.

r2oB1286d ago

@ yi-long

You could have saved a lot of time if you just wrote "I don't know what original means", since that's basically the sum of your comment.

kingjosh18761286d ago

I believe they did the English voice acting first unless i'm mistaken? Solid Snake/Big Boss are American soldiers so what sense would it be for them to speak Japanese?

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Batzi1286d ago

"Interestingly, Fucito also mentioned that Konami promised to clarify things about Hideo Kojima in the future. His name is still included in the game’s credits, of course."

Can't wait!

rdgneoz31286d ago

There's a difference between having to acknowledge someone in the credits for their work and having removed any trace of him from the logos / box art / websites / changing the name of Kojima's Los Angeles studio to Konami Los Angeles Studio.

As for the game, it'll probably be the last many get seeing as it looks like the series will be going mobile. One last hurrah.

Eamon1286d ago

Well we won't be seeing "A Hideo Kojima Game" plastered around everywhere. Probably none at all in MGS5.

I remember back with MGS4 during the opening, I was pretty sure his name like appeared on the screen 10 times before and after we got to control Snake lol.

Part of the reason he became famous is because of that lol.

PX541286d ago

"Part of the reason he became famous is because of that lol." - I'm sorry, what? From the way you've phrased that it seems as if you're saying that MGS4 is the majority of the reason people know who Hideo Kojima? I think you'll find that the original MGS on the PS1 is the largest reason Hideo is well known around the world. Granted there were plenty of fans who knew about MG1 and MG2 but MGS1 is where he made his name. Every MGS game opens with "A Hideo Kojima Game"

MysticStrummer1286d ago

"Part of the reason he became famous is because of that lol."

Kojima was already famous by the time MGS4 was revealed, much less released.

Eamon1286d ago

I knew Kojima as a developer all the way back from MGS1 when I first played it.

However, I can assure you that the internet fame he currently had only came about after MGS4.

He was already a famous name in the game developing community since MGS1. But his biggest exposure was in MGS4.

Xman2K1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

His internet fame exploded after MGS1, with many making of documentaries and before MGS2, with MGS2 trailer, with the MGS2 demo and right before MGS3 with that 'leaked' first MGS3 trailer

MysticStrummer1286d ago

"I can assure you that the internet fame he currently had only came about after MGS4."

I can assure you that's not true. I remember reading about MGS2 online and Kojima was already a huge name.

Eamon1286d ago

Well, I must disagree once again. You and I knew about him since the beginning but most younger gamers on the net definitely did not.

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bmwfanatic1286d ago

This is my most anticipated game of 2015 cant wait!! Shame the kojimagate fiasco is overshadowing this game.

SaveFerris1286d ago

Maybe, but 2015 isn't over yet and we've already seen Bloodborne, and The Witcher 3 is about to be released.

Germany71286d ago

Huge fan of Metal Gear here and i really want that to be true, but after all the Konami's fiasco recently, i'm kinda worried.

d4sholil11286d ago

I am really looking forward to this game. Seems like it will be Kojima's (and team) greatest masterpiece.

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