EU Press's First Impressions of MGSV started and Exclusive New Screen Coming Today

Round 2 of MGSV preview has started! This time is EU's press. According to Konami EU blog, there will be an exclusive new MGSV screen releasing today around 5-6pm window.

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Batzi1229d ago

I think they are going to show the same one they showed a couple of days ago:

masterfox1229d ago

Not joking since Kojima is not around for this MGS I really don't care for this new iteration :/

Captain_Wormy1229d ago

Not around? Where have you been, dude? There's countless articles around here and around the web stating that Kojima and his team are still 100% involved in MGSV.

Gatsu1228d ago

It's his game 100% and will be HIS perfect finale to the saga he created.

Captain_Wormy1229d ago

I'm trying so damn hard to avoid all these previews but I can't help myself!

paddy951228d ago

I hope Konami gets removed from the box.