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Bennibop1310d ago

Love this game, can't wait to see what comes after July!

-Ikon-1310d ago Show
iistuii1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Can now reach rank 55, wow, 5 whole more points. why not just let us rank up & up. As soon as the patch is out I'd be over that when I update. There's a problem for me that there's just nothing to keep me going until each new DLC comes out, then I get all the stars & what's left. I am rank 159 on FH2 & still have races to do, still have boards to find & the ranking keeps going. Even when you play online on DC, there's just nothing to achieve apart from a time. It needed more. I've platinumed it, got every star in the game & just get a fix each month. Great game, July is it then..

Damrock1310d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Those times when you facepalm when someone says.......

"NOTHING to achieve" ....wait for itttt...."Apart from"

Knushwood Butt1309d ago

Says more driver levels will be added each month.

Redempteur1309d ago

Lol , you need a reason to drive a car in a game ?
Except from ...the joy of racing ?
Why not ask for a trophy every hour so that you feel satisfied .

"Gamers" these days .....

IRetrouk1309d ago

I was gonna say something along those lines lol, your goal is to win, the reward is winning itself lol

WitWolfy1310d ago

If they could just make the game a a bit more realistic with its handling id love it.. But until then I'll stick with Project Cars.

GMW1310d ago

It is perfect for what it is - an Arcade racer that leans slightly more to simulation than the classic SEGA racers of old or Need For Speed of present.

I plan on possibly getting Project Cars and definitely Gran Truism 7 whenever it comes out.

ps4fanboy1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

The game is staggering now , real smooth , and them graphics.
Having some awesome races last night, on a big screen , good projector it is staggering , now they have introduced more longer lap races with weather and change of day , it really gets you zoned out if you're having a good race , for some reason I only just started getting on to now the rain dries on track and car paint looks real...sure they have made graphical improvements in these areas... Awesomeness.

Toiletsteak1310d ago

They still need to add private lobbies.

TKCMuzzer1309d ago

I always find reading the original article always helps, you may just have found the answer you wanted.

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The story is too old to be commented.