Japan Only: The Latest Chapter In Square Enix’s Saga of Betrayal

Square Enix’s latest disappointing announcement about Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS's exclusivity has us thinking.

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Rookie_Monster1230d ago

What do you expect, the DS is the best selling systems in Japan and it is a RPG and those two go together like bread and butter. Porting it to consoles is a waste of time.

thorstein1230d ago

The exclusivity is Japan only.

3-4-51229d ago

I love Dragon Quest, but I've never played DQ7 or DQ8.

I would love to play them.

Two of my most wanted games right now, I hope I get to see one of them over here.

* SE just doesn't see the pot of gold that is Dragon Quest sitting at their feet.....just starring them in the face.

robothouserock1229d ago

If you have a decent computer, Dragon Quest VIII is one of the most upscalable games from the PS2 for emulation. It looks beautiful in 1080p.

Kurisu1230d ago

Would have been all over this if it was a remaster for PS4, PS Vita or hell, even PS3. I played the demo on PS2 but for some reason I never got around to buying the actual game. I could buy the mobile version but... How could I even think that?!

gangsta_red1230d ago

As i said before, these Japanese companies are going to focus on mobile and handhelds for most of their smaller titles. That is where the money is, especially in Japan.

gprime1230d ago

Please read the article before posting. This has nothing to do with which system the game is on. It's about localization.

gangsta_red1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I read it. My point still stands and it's in relation to the recent articles of other Japanese game developers focusing on mobile and handheld devices.

Square and other Japanese companies are releasing more games on mobile and handheld devices instead of their console counterparts.

Hexonimar1230d ago

While we both had different ways of getting around to it, it looks like we've both reached the same conclusion. It's a matter of Square Enix no longer making these games a priority and the mobile space is DEFINITELY a factor in that. Gotta follow the money, it's the responsible thing to do as a business. It's just a shame that things like this have to suffer because of it.

Ravenheartzero1230d ago

One game I really would like to see HD version of on ps4 :(

Hexonimar1230d ago

That would be an absolute dream!

ZaWarudo1230d ago

I would rather have DQXI tbh.

Xof1229d ago

After the single-player MMO that was IX, and the actual-MMO that was X, I really don't have any faith that SE is even capable of developing a decent DQ game.

So, yeah: I would much rather have anything else.

Except one of those godawful mobile ports.

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