Prima Games talks digital Witcher 3 and physical collector's edition guides

Prima Games talks about the digital release of the official Witcher 3 guide in addition to providing an update on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide.

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Hysteria941074d ago

Never could understand paying for a guide when I can get all the information from the Internet for free..

SaveFerris1074d ago

It can be a nice addition for collectors, but I get your point.

Hysteria941074d ago

Yeah it guess it could be a nice item for some people, I personally wouldn't buy a guide book but it would be cool to add them to collector editions of games and what not.

rezzah1073d ago

I'm getting it for the art and grimoire. Plus quick access to info alongside pictures, makes things easier to follow instead a giant wall of texts. But that doesn't mean one should buy them for every game, personally I think it is useful for huge games like this one.

psplova1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

You have to be a real videogame nerd to want to collect these things, that's for sure.. (coming from a grown *** man whose been playing since 1985 ; )