NCAA Football 09 Has a Shitload of Problems

Owen Good writes:

"I have the game but I have not played it intensively enough to discover these issues. But if these issues are on the level and, worse, if some gameplay mechanics are not patchable, then it's an almost unforgivable shame. Especially regarding sliders - how can something like that get through QA? How can the super-sim glitch go unnoticed?"

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pharmd3775d ago

oh goodness, i too just bought this and only played one and a half games so far, please say it aint so.... i was hesitant to buy for these reasons, damn you EA

LeSouteneur3775d ago

you have a monopoly in this market. Reminds me of another company....

solidsnakus3775d ago

yea its reminds me of what happend when ps2 went to ps3.

doshey3775d ago

lets see the 15th i was left with a dissension buy ncaa or mgs 4, i had finally decided it was an end to buying these games over and over so i went with mgs 4 never regretted it and wow this was the year i thought they would change, nope looks more like ncaa football year of bugs

Seraphim3775d ago

I made that decision after Madden 2005. That and I've grown tired of the same ole stuff annually. Since the inception of Madden I've eagerly and happily paid for each new installment. Buying several other sports titles either annually or bi-annually for over a decade. But when you're left paying top dollar for this annual titles that never really change, just tack some extra trivial features, at some point you realize it's nothing but a waste of money. Then to key in other factors like the dwindling quality of said titles and it's a no brainer.

toughNAME3775d ago

Reminds me of some of the first responses during the Firmware Disaster of '08

By the way, very professional title Kotaku

dude_uk3775d ago

i'd never thought i'd say this...but i agree...
not a very professional title

ps3fosho3775d ago

really it wasnt bad it was just cuz everyone thought that the in game music would be compatible with all the games and everyone of them would have trophies turns out when it came out none of that was true so everyone got mad and thats what happen and the fact the had a firmware update that messed up peoples administrated files haha

rhood0223775d ago

firmware disaster huh?

You mean the whole week where the firmware wasn't available because it was pulled the first day and immediately after people started having problems?

Or the fact that people built it up as a mythical thing and were disappointed when it only delivered on 99% of what it promised?

For true problems, refer to: The Red Ring Fiasco 2006-2007 or The Great LIVE Death of Winter 2007.

Mighty Boom3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The red-ring fiasco is still going on. My Elite is being operated on as we speak. I patiently wait for the UPS guy to knok on my door with good news.

rhood0223774d ago


I know it's still an issue. A 360 I bought for my little bro (fire sale ahoy) got it. But I tried to be fair and pinpoint the time period of highest failures, thereby cutting down on the fanboy whining of "but..but..they fixed it!" and them mumbling things about "Falcon" or "Jasper" or whatever MS wants to call their new hardware revisions.

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TheColbertinator3775d ago

An EA game that is bad?Nooooo waaaay


ps3fosho3775d ago

yes my friend it is a shock to see ea making a bad game


jmiscavish3775d ago

It is an EA game...

Madden hasn't been good since '04, NCAA since '06 on the xbox.

But, essentially, no football game has ever been as good as NFL 2k5, which is unfortunate. EA can't even steal all those feature and integrate them...

LeonSKennedy4Life3775d ago

NFL Blitz.

No football game will ever be as good as the original NFL Blitz for the PS1 and N64.

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